Modern Greek Studies Association

McGill University


Year Program Established:1963
Approximate Number of Students Enrolled (per academic term):
History: 65; Language: 30; Literature & Civ: 10

Level of Program Offered (and when established):

Ph.d. History; M.A. History or Classics; B.A. Minor Neo-hellenic studies


Full Time Faculty:
Anastassios Anastassiadis
Assistant Professor of History
Phrixos B. Papachristidis Chair of Modern Greek Studies

Part Time Faculty:
George Kellaris, sessional teacher
Kerstin Jentsch-Mancor, sessional teacher
Vilelmini Tsagkaraki, visiting instructor


Sponsoring Departments/Administrative Entities:

History and Classical Studies

Does the Program offer financial support to students: Yes

Does the institution offer financial support to students: Yes

McGill University
827 Leacock Building,
855 Sherbrooke Street West
Montreal, Quebec H3A 2T7

Fax: 514-398-8365

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Courses Offered

Modern Greek:
Introductory Modern Greek (22 students)
Intermediate Modern Greek (10)

Literary and Cultural Studies
Modern Greek Culture and Society (10)

Greece: From Ottoman to the EU (55)

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