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Archival and scholarly sources on Greek America i (with additional information on the wider Greek Diaspora)


The purpose of the "Greek American Resources Archive" is to catalogue information about archival material and to compile a detailed list of resources available in public and academic libraries on the topics of Greek Americans. Additional archives on diaspora and hyphenated Greeks are also included.

Given that archival resources on these topics are widely scattered and not fully documented, the goal is to develop a centralized database that will serve as a tool facilitating research.

This is work in progress. We would welcome web links to relevant resources as well as narratives and/or lists that identify and describe special collections, periodicals, newspaper holdings etc.

In compiling the first instalment of the archive we would like to thank Gail Malmgreen (Tamiment Robert F. Wagner Labor Archives, NYU), James Simon (Center for Research Libraries), and the Preservation of American Hellenic History (PAHH) for contributing valuable information to this project.

We hope that researchers, librarians, and other interested professionals will keep contributing to our initiative.

    Yiorgos Anagnostou

    Ohio State University    




Center for Research Libraries (CRL)

A list of Greek-American newspapers (including Loxias tou Sikagou = Chicago Loxias, Ethnikos keryx = The National Herald, and Thessalonike) can be found here

These titles are also found in CRL's online catalog

For information contact:

James Simon
Director of International Resources
Center for Research Libraries
6050 S. Kenwood Avenue
Chicago, IL 60637 USA
Phone 773-955-4545 x324
Fax 773-955-4339
The Balch Institute for Ethnic Studies of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania: Greek Manuscript Collection

B1) Periodicals (Serials):

Atlantis, National Daily Greek Newspaper, 1894-1973

MSS 43, 45.25 ft.
Twelve series, one pertaining to the Vlasto family, and eleven to the newspaper Atlantis.

Description of each series, plus a summary history of the newspaper,
available on-line.

Ethnikon Vema (National Greek Tribune)
Newspaper, 1955-1980. 4 reels.
Published weekly in Detroit, Michigan. In Greek and English.
Continues To Vema.
Ethnikos Kerux [Keryx] (The National Herald)
Newspaper, 1949-1972. 86 reels.
Published daily in New York City, beginning 1915. In Greek and English.
(Also see, The Tsakopoulos Hellenic Collection.)
Hellenic News
Newspaper, 1963-1972. 2 reels.
Published in New York, beginning in 1963. In Greek and English.
To Vema (Greek Tribune)
Newspaper, 2/11/1934, 1942-1955. 3 reels.
Published weekly in Detroit, Michigan, beginning in 1920. In Greek and English.
Continued by Ethnikon Vema.

B2) Papers:
Dorizas, Michael M., Papers, 1916-1958
MSS 22, 6 ft.
Clippings, notes and writings, and course materials divided into the following series: personal, university, and lecture.
Summary description plus a short biography available on-line.
Lagakos, Gregory G., Papers 1961-1980

Pan-Macedonian Association, 1947-1990
MSS 106, 9 ft.
Three series: administrative records, correspondence, and scrapbooks.
Description of each series, plus a summary history of association, available on-line.

Sfarnas, Peter D., Papers, 1957-1975

Vagionis, Nicholas, 1923-1973

California State University, Sacramento, Library: The Tsakopoulos Hellenic Collection

Circulating book collection, journal holdings, electronic resources, non-print media materials, rare books, archival materials, art and artifacts.
Includes: Manuscript collection of Basil Vlavianos, publisher of the Greek-American newspaper Ethnikos Keryx (The National Herald), as well as a nearly full run of the newspaper from 1916-1944 " also see, The Balch Institute for Ethnic Studies, Greek Manuscript Collection.

Research collection

DePaul University Archives - Andrew T. Kopan Collection

Contains correspondence, research files, subject files, and publications of Andrew T. Kopan.

Dates: 1940-2006

Extent: 37 Record Cartons

Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America: Department of Archives

Archdiocesan encyclicals; clergy-laity congresses; diocesan congresses; archdiocesan and diocesan council records; etc.

Clergy records and correspondence; parish records and correspondences; religious educational and Greek paideia; correspondence.

Haverford College, Magill Library

Greek-American Review – Haverford College's Magill Library is in the process of providing on line access to the Greek-American Review, a New York City-based monthly magazine edited by Peter Makrias that appeared between 1991-2006. It was the continuation of the magazine Nea Yorki /New York. The contents of six annual volumes are currently available in .pdf form.

Hoover Institute – ELAS Documents in the United States

Essays in the media based on the Archive

Χρυσοχοϊδης, Ηλίας, “Ένας στρατηγός της Βέρμαχτ αφηγείται… [A Wermacht general reminisces],” To VIMA, 9 March 2014.

Χρυσοχοϊδης, Ηλίας, “Έγγραφα του ΕΛΑΣ στην Αμερική [ELAS documents in America],” Kathimerini, 9 March 2014.

Journal of the Hellenic Diaspora

Richardson, Aaron. “The Basil John Vlavianos Papers (1880-1994).” Journal of the Hellenic Diaspora Vol. 35.1 (2009): 91-110.

Offers a substantial guide to the Vlavianos papers housed by the Department of Special Collections and University Archives, California State University-Sacramento. Author was an intern at the Collections and wrote a MA Thesis on the content and research potential of the Vlavianos papers. Essay also places Vlavianos papers within the context of the broader SCUA project.

Kent State University Library, Special Collections: Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church of Akron, Ohio, Records, 1926-1997

40 record storage boxes, 42 cubic ft.

Inventory includes: Membership lists; Baptisms, marriages, deaths; GeneralAssembly and Board of Trustees minutes; Financial records; Historical photographs; Hemerologia; Newspaper clippings; Archdiocesan correspondence; Associations, societies data; Sunday School, Greek School and GOYA records; Publications; etc. Inventory on-line.

Miscellaneous – Personal

Hellenic American Project Archives Library Museum (Nikos Alexiou)

Building a Greek/American Archive

Making public my personal archive of newspaper clippings and other documents I accumulated during my research of Greek America (Yiorgos Anagnostou).

Kozyris, Phaedon - Archive (ELIA)

Ο Φαίδων Κοζύρης (1932-2010) υπήρξε διαπρεπής ακαδημαϊκός νομικός με σταδιοδρομία στις ΗΠΑ και στην Ελλάδα. Το αρχείο του, ευγενική δωρεά της συζύγου του, Λίτσας, την οποία ευχαριστούμε θερμά για την έμπρακτη και διαρκή της υποστήριξη, περιέχει πλήθος τεκμηρίων σχετικά με την πλούσια σταδιοδρομία του και την προσωπική του ζωή, η οποία μοιράστηκε μεταξύ των ΗΠΑ και της Ελλάδας.
Phaedon Kozyris (1932-2010) was a prominent academic lawyer with a career in the US and Greece. His record, courtesy of his wife, Litsa, whom we warmly thank for her practical and lasting support, contains a wealth of evidence about his rich career and personal life, shared between the US and Greece.

Κουμαρίδης, Γιώργος. «Φίλοι δι’ Αλληλογραφίας», 2 Φεβρουαρίου 2019 (από το αρχείο του Φαίδωνα Κοζύρη στο ΕΛΙΑ).
Koumaridis, George. "Friends by Mail", 2 February 2019 (from the archive of Phaedon Koziris to ELIA)

New York University - The Tamiment Library and Robert F. Wagner Labor Archives

Guide to the John Poulos and Constantine Poulos Papers TAM.114 : Greek and Greek-American Radicalism Collection ca. 1921-1978 (Bulk 1940-1950)

There are also two separate collections relating to the murder of George Polk in Greece: (1) The Newsmen's Commission Records, with a guide and (2) the Polk Papers, with a preliminary guide, see at the end of this entry, below.

Among the library's labor collections, those of greatest interest would be the George Litsios Papers, 3 linear feet, 1926-1980, containing records of Greek Fur Workers, Local 70, and of Litsios' role as a dissident and activist in the Rank and File Committee within the local union. Includes Greek-language material. Also, the Communications Workers of America, Local 1180 records, which include papers of long-time president of the local, Arthur Cheliotis. The CWA, Local 1180 records are described in this guide.

[Note: If the links to guides don't work, you can find them on the Tamiment Library's web site, in the list to be found by clicking "Collections/Finding-Aids."]


The Library also holds subject files on Greek and Greek-American volunteers, and on individual volunteers, in the Spanish Civil War; these are part of our Abraham Lincoln Brigade Archive (ALBA). They are not described on the web site, but can be ordered in our Reading Room. Other material on Greek-American volunteers can be found in general records, and in the photograph collections in the ALBA archive.

It should be understood that it is entirely possible that scattered references to Greek-American political and labor activity may be found in many of the library's other large collections (the hotel workers records, bakery workers union records, Transport Workers, Communist Party USA records, etc.).

Email contact for The Tamiment Library and Robert F. Wagner Labor Archives:

PAPERS (1936 - 1954), (Bulk 1946-1948) - 5.0 Linear Feet
Collection Number: Tamiment 178
PROVENANCE: Gift of William Roe Polk, 199x
ACCESS: There are no restrictions on research use of the collection.


Received on January 10, 1996, in one large carton which contained three smaller boxes. The contents, some 4.33 linear feet, have been transferred to eleven (11) hollinger boxes, each holding 5 linear inches of material.

This collection contains: I. GWP writings - broadcasts and cables, diaries, notebooks, short stories, Middle East Mosaic (book ts.); II. Clippings, cables re GWP murder, clips collected by GWP; III. Family Correspondence, incl. WRP (William Roe Polk - brother), ARP (Adelaide Roe Polk - mother); Capt. James H. Polk -ancestor (returned to donor); IV. GWP memorabilia, awards, memorials; V. Photographs - GWP, WRP, other family.

Bx 1 GWP's collection of news clippings about Greece, 1946-48, loose; also contains an unsigned, 3 p. account, dated 5/17/47, of a trip, [presumably] by GWP to the village of Kaito; also a 17 p. typescript, dated 4/25/1946, by Vivian R. Fletcher "Only democracy can prevent a modern Greek tragedy," [bx 1 is a flat, drop front box, containing 3 linear inches of material]

Bx 2 Clippings re GWP murder, envelopes, May - August, 1948

Bx 3 Clippings re GWP murder, envelopes, Sept - November, 1948

Bx 4
GWP Alaska Diary, #1, 11/17/1936 - 11/25/1937
GWP Alaska Diary, #3, 6/6/1938 - 9/6/1938
GWP Los Angeles to Rome Diary, #1, 11/24/1938 - 4/22/1939
GWP Los Angeles to Rome Diary, #2, 4/23/1939 - 8/9/1939

[the above four items have been temporarily returned to William R. Polk - 3/99]

Cables, telegrams, letters of sympathy - May, 1948
NBC Overseas Press Club Memorial Center Dedication " 1954

Bx 5 Address books, appointment diary, etc.
"Credo" [6/28/1936], childhood photo
Letters (in envelopes) of Mrs. Adelaide Roe Polk (mother of GWP) 1947-1948
Letters (in envelopes) to Mrs. Adelaide Roe Polk, other family ltrs, c. 1948-1954
Letters (flat) letters of GWP, 1945-1948; also some ltrs to GWP from mother, and some ARP ltrs re her trip to Greece after learning of GWP's death.

Bx 6 [permanently returned to William R. Polk -- except for the the first item, temporarily returned]
Middle East Mosaic [title of a bk project conceived by GWP in March, 1946]. File contains chronologically arranged typscripts by GWP (some 150 pages), written in various cities in the Middle East, 1946-47; also some GWP corr, 1946-48, re this project and related articles he sought to publish.

Polk family letters, folded, in approximately 100 small envelopes, c. 1878-1890; most are ltrs received by Capt. James H. Polk, of Mississippi, Texas, other points in the South. (These have been returned to the donor).
Polk family photos, approx 16 images, c. early 20th century, in an envelope addressed to Adelaide Roe Polk [mother of GWP]

Bx 7 GWP cables to CBS New York for 1946
GWP cables to CBS New York for 1947-1948
CBS broadcasts re GWP murder, 6/19/48, 9/9/48
UP cables re GWP murder, other cables, ARP corresp re receipt of cables
GWP letters to family, 1946-1948 (were in envelope "Mrs. A.R. Polk, 424A N. Maple Dr., Beverly Hills, CA)
GWP Awards and Memorials, 1943-1950; includes his WWII citations; posthumous honors, and programs, correspondence clippings related thereto Photos (2) of Lt. GWP, 11/20/1943 - accepting Presidential Naval Unit Citation

Bx 8 GWP broadcasts, January - June, 1947 - copy #2
GWP broadcasts, July - December, 1947 - copy #2
Overseas Press Club; Polk Award (LIU); misc; all c. 1949-1953
GWP cables to CBS, 1947, copy #1
GWP cables to CBS, 1948, copy #1
Movie project on life of GWP - 1948
Japan, notes on -- n.d.
Alaska short stories, c. 1937 (gathered by ARP 7/3/48)
Alaska short stories [file 2], c. 1937
Notebook, c. 1938-1939
World War II short stories
Black Cats" (WWII short story)
Short stories, various (to receive individual folders); Bear stories [Alaska], Japan, Port Said,

[the above items in box 8 have been temporarily returned to William R. Polk -- 3/99]

Filipinos, Mussolini, French Meal, etc., c. 1937-1938
Short stories, various (to receive individual folders); China, FDR, etc.

Bx 9 GWP broadcasts, 1946 " originals
GWP broadcasts, 1947 " originals
GWP broadcasts, 1946 - copy #2
Short stories [2], WWII ("Mr. America; self-interview)
GWP notebooks [2], Greece, 1948
Middle East Mosaic, notebook [outline]
GWP CBS cables, 1947
An American Broadcast Story: a collection of broadcasts made by George Polk (compiled into book form in 1951 by M.S.R.S.)
Untitled GWP article on Filipino independence, c. 1940
Clippings, misc. collected by GWP, c. 1939-1940
Clippings, misc. re GWP � 1948

Bx 10 GWP misc (letters, clips, photos) - mostly 1945
Alaska Kodak film 1937; letters from GWP 1939
Polk family corresp re GWP -- 1948-1949
Condolence letters
Letters of introduction for GWP, 1st trip to orient -- 1937
WRP corresp -- 1945, 1947
WRP - photos of, 1946-1947
Overseas Press Club - 1957
LIU - GWP award - 1959
GWP passport, visa
GWP Alaska memorabilia -- [temporarily returned to WRP - 3/99]
Ltrs for WRP 1949 --- [temporarily returned to WRP - 3/99]
Clippings, misc.

Bx 11 ARP - WRP correspondence, 1944
Clippings, Romeike press service - October, 1948
GWP clippings 1955-1956
Rea G. Polk - letters re GWP estate, etc. - 1950
WRP misc. corresp - 1950-1951
ARP letter - 1950
GWP broadcast ts. from Alexandria - 1946-1947
GWP cables - 1947-1948
Colleagues - broadcasts re GWP murder - excerpts
ARP corresp 1950
WRP corresp 1947-1951
GWP to ARP 10/1947

Historical and Biographical Note: The following biographical narratives were submitted by Eric G. Poulos, the son of John Poulos and nephew of Constantine Poulos:

John Poulos (1911-1980), activist and documenter of Greek and Greek-American radicalism, and a son of Greek immigrants, was born in 1911 in Lynn, Massachusetts. While in his twenties, and a food worker, he organized Food Workers Local 701 of the AFL and led the fledgling union into the emerging CIO. Assigned by John L. Lewis to be the Chief Organizer for the emerging CIO for the north shore of Massachusetts (Lynn, Revere, Salem, Peabody, Chelsea, Swampscott) he was a delegate to the CIO founding convention in 1938. A Marxist, Poulos belonged to, and served on the national committee of the Socialist Workers Party, a Trotskyist organization. Later, in the 1940s he joined the Workers Party, also a Trotskyist organization. He served on its central committee, and wrote extensively for its newspaper, Labor Action. He was a leader in the United Auto Workers, but by the late 1950s was blacklisted for his radical views. Remaining politically active, he was involved in the fight for civil rights, against the war in Vietnam and against the Greek military dictatorship (1967-74). In the 1970s Poulos became an activist scholar of Greek studies, traveling many times to Greece and setting up a collection on Greek radicalism at the Tamiment Library. He died on December 20, 1980.

Constantine ("Connie") Poulos (1916-1986), John's younger brother, was born in 1916. As a journalist he almost defined the image of the "dashing"war correspondent. In 1940 he was founder and editor of The Hellenic Spectator, a monthly of politics and the arts. With the outbreak of World War II, Constantine took a job as a journalist for the Overseas News Agency. Assigned to report on the Greek resistance, in 1943 he became the first correspondent to enter occupied Greece, where he made his way to the mountains and lived with the resistance, the National Liberation Front (EAM-ELAS). His articles were carried in the Boston Globe, the New York Post among other papers and throughout the Greek press. He had a forty year association with the Nation for which he wrote longer interpretative pieces. When Athens was liberated in 1944, a photo of Poulos on the shoulders of the guerillas was carried in newspapers throughout the world with the caption "Liberator of Athens." Poulos was an eyewitness to the pitched battles of the December 1944 days in Athens and historians still refer to his dispatches even today as the most authoritative. His nose for news enabled him to "find" many of the top secret memos to and from Lincoln MacVeagh, U.S. Ambassador in Athens to Washington (some of them were about Poulos!). Also those to London from Athens. From Athens he went to cover Poland where the newly installed communist government, upset by his objective reporting, expelled him. He covered the rest of the Balkans and filed dispatches from Rumania, Bulgaria and Hungary. He traveled to Jerusalem where his disclosure of a secret agreement by Winston Churchill to keep Jewish refugees out of Palestine got Poulos arrested. The British elections that year (1945) found the Labor Party attacking Churchill and raising the demand "Free Poulos." He was freed but expelled from Palestine.

Returning to Greece, Poulos served as a liaison and translator between American officials and resistance notables. He urged that the EAM-ELAS be given at least an equal voice in the government being shaped for postwar Greece. No supporter of the KKE, he freely acknowledged the communist leadership of EAM-ELAS, but felt that the resistance fighters needed to be included in a regime which guaranteed their political rights. This view ran counter to what became American policy, and Poulos was expelled from Greece under vague charges that he was "pro-communist". Again Poulos was able to "find" memos marked " top secret," from the highest levels in Washington where Truman's Secretary of War (now called "Defense"), Robert Patterson wrote Poulos" publisher demanding he be sacked. In 1948 Poulos was a member of Walter Lippman's commission to review the facts of the murder of his friend George Polk. Poulos was the only member of the commission to register a dissent at the official Greek government's version.

Poulos returned to the United States and was contracted by Holt, Rinehart publishing to write a book about recent Greek history. Most of the manuscript was completed. It ended there. But inspired by the efforts of journalist and author Elias Vlanton (Who Killed George Polk?) to uncover the truth, noted journalist Alexander Cockburn published an expose in the Nation magazine in 1987 where he printed the complete 1950 confidential memo from the State Department to Holt, Rinehart, "requesting" they not publish Poulos" book and Holt, Rinehart's response that, of course, they would respect the wishes of the State Department. The book was never published.

Poulos bought a weekly newspaper in Jamestown, NY, where he was to win a Pulitzer Prize for community journalism. He was able to get an editorial position at Holiday magazine (1965-70), and wrote about the Greek Junta for The Nation. Constantine Poulos died June 3, 1986.

Both collections contain materials associated with the subject matters mentioned in the above biographies but in addition there are lengthy memoirs, by both brothers, about growing up in an immigrant Greek community in Lynn, Massachusetts in the 1920's and 30's. Also included is correspondence with Professor Lefteris Stavrianos (University of California) who was working on a biography of Constantine Poulos.

Submitted by Eric G. Poulos

Princeton University

Tēlemachos Alaveras Papers and Nea Poreia Archives, 1889-2010

39.3 linear ft. (93 archival boxes, 3 half-size archival boxes, 1 oversize flat box)

Finding aid:

In addition, there are over 600 titles of rare books (first editions/inscribed/annotated) from the Library of Telemachos Alaveras

Gift of the Program in Hellenic Studies, with the support of the Stanley J. Seeger Hellenic Fund

Antōnēs Dekavalles papers, 1935-2008.

12 linear ft. (30 archival boxes)

Finding aid:

In addition, there are over 500 titles of rare books (first editions/inscribed/annotated) from the Library Antones Dekavalles

Gift of Antones and Kalliope Dekavalles to the Program in Hellenic Studies for the Princeton University library

Kaiē Tsitselē papers, 1898-2001.

7.3 linear ft. (15 archival boxes, 1 half archival box, 1 flat box)

Finding aid:

In addition, there are over 100 titles of rare books (first editions/inscribed/annotated) from the Library of Kaie Tsitsele

Gift of Kay Cicellis and Lila Cicellis to the Program in Hellenic Studies for the Princeton University library

George Lianis papers, 1964-2009

1.4 linear ft. (1 archival box, 1 flat box)

Finding aid:

Gift of Judith Fruchter-Lianis to the Program in Hellenic Studies for the Princeton University Library

Access to these collections is via the University Library, Department of Rare Books and Special Collections:

Robert Hoag Rawlings Library, Pueblo, Colorado

St. John the Baptist Greek Orthodox Church, Pueblo, Colorado,
historical photographs collection, 1907-2005 (R 978.855 S):
Photos and print documents of Greeks in Southern Colorado.
Note: Some photos that were on display during the Centennial of the Formation of the Hellenic Orthodox Community Association of Pueblo, Colorado, are kept in the Founders Room of the St. John the Baptist Greek Orthodox Church, Pueblo.

Baptismal record translation of the St. John the Baptist Greek Orthodox Church, Pueblo, Colorado, May 1907 to June 1939 (R 929.3788 B).

San Francisco State University, Center for Modern Greek Studies: Northern California Greek American Archive

Focus on the history of Greek Americans in northern California with primary focus on the Bay Area.

Microform collection of Greek American newspapers published throughout California and a collection of books and periodicals. Videos, audio tapes, photographs, music and other memorabilia in digitized format on computer discs. Oral histories.

Stanford University

Nicolas Astrinidis (1921–2010)

Romania-born Greek composer and pianist

Book (Greek music / Greek Diaspora)

Ilias Chrissochoidis, Nicolas Astrinidis: Life - Works catalog (Greek edition) (private publication, 2012), 114 pp.

From prewar Romania to the battlefields of Libya, and from postwar Paris to the four corners of the earth as a concert pianist, Nicolas Astrinidis led the life of a Greek cosmopolitan before settling in Thessaloniki, the city that became both his muse and his cell.

Ηλίας Χρυσοχοϊδης, “Το δράμα στο έργο του Νίκου Αστρινίδη: Εισαγωγικές παρατηρήσεις,” Twentieth-Century Greek Music Creation in Lyric Drama and other Representative Arts, ed. George Vlastos (Athens: Friends of Music, 2009), 252–256.

“From the garden of Diaspora to the cell of repatriation: Hellenism in the life and works of Nikos Astrinidis,” Aspects of Hellenism in Music (conference)

Spyros P. Skouras: Archival Material, Resources, Books, Reviews, Articles (submitted by Ilias Chrissochoidis) 

Research web portals:

Spyros P. Skouras (1893–1971)

Primary sources on his life and achievements

Commemorative video celebrating the 120th anniversary of Skouras' birth

Spyros P. Skouras (1893-1971)

Commemorative video celebrating the 120th anniversary of Skouras' birth

Books (film history):

Ilias Chrissochoidis (editor), CinemaScope: Selected Documents from the Spyros P. Skouras Archive (Stanford: Brave World, 2013), 214 pp. ISBN 978-0615898803.

CinemaScope (1953), the process that established the widescreen format in motion pictures, was more than a technical innovation. It breathed life into the film industry, saved Twentieth Century-Fox from liquidation, and inducted its president Spyros P. Skouras into the pantheon of American visionaries. For the first time an intimate story of the second technological revolution in film history emerges from the papers of Spyros P. Skouras. Ranging from correspondence with Churchill and Eisenhower to company memos and financial reports, this collection is an indispensable source for the historian and affords a rare glimpse into Hollywood's corporate performance at its best.

Ilias Chrissochoidis (editor), The Cleopatra Files: Selected Documents from the Spyros P. Skouras Archive (Stanford: Brave World, 2013), 206 pp. ISBN 978-0615829197. 

The most extravagant film production in history, "Cleopatra" (1963) broke multiple records in expenditure, shooting length, footage, and artistic indulgence. It marked the birth of star-driven film making and ushered in the age of blockbuster movies. Swerving between tragic accidents and shocking unprofessionalism, it soon became a noose around the neck of a historic Hollywood studio. For the first time the story of the production becomes available through original documents in the archive of Spyros P. Skouras, the man who transformed "Cleopatra" from an artistic vision into a global phenomenon.

Book (Greek Diaspora / film history):

Ilias Chrissochoidis (compiler/editor), Spyros P. Skouras, Memoirs (1893–1953) (Stanford: Brave World, 2013), 162 pp. ISBN 978-0615769493.

Spyros P. Skouras (1893-1971) was the most influential Greek immigrant in American history and one of America’s preeminent citizens during the Cold War period. In an astonishing sixty-year career, he shaped two industries (film and shipping), turned Twentieth Century-Fox into a global film leader, saved Hollywood by introducing CinemaScope, masterminded Century City in Los Angeles, and, not least, helped save millions of Greeks from starvation and disease during World War II. For the first time his story is being told in his own words and in full detail. Coinciding with Skouras' 120th birth anniversary, this book is a valuable contribution to American and Greek Diaspora historiography that will inspire younger generations to pursue the intertwined ideals of business excellence and public service. 

Reviews and publicity:

New discoveries at the recently expanded “Spyros P. SkourasPapers” collection at Stanford, especially the discovery of nearly 100 hours of private audio recordings of Skouras' reminiscing about his life, career, Hollywood, the Greek War Relief Association, and world events.

Kelsey Geiser, “Stanford scholar sheds light on Greek immigrant’s rags-to-riches story,” Stanford News Service, May 23, 2013.

Kelly Fields, “Ilias Chrissochoidis’ book, Spyros P. Skouras, Memoirs (1893–1953),” Stanford University Libraries News, August 27, 2013.

Λαμπρινή Κουζέλη, "Σπύρος Σκούρας: Ο έλληνας πρωτοπόρος του Χόλιγουντ," Το Βήμα της Κυριακής, 10 Μαρτίου 2013.

Kathy Tzilivakis, "Twentieth Century motion picture mogul Spyros P. Skouras' early years revealed in newly-published memoir," The Pappas Post, March 22, 2013.

Σπύρος Στάβερης, "Spyros Skouras, 20th Century Fox,", 16 Αυγούστου 2013.

Truman Library and Museum Personal Papers Collections Relating to Greece (Selected)


ACHESON, DEAN. Assistant Secretary of State, 1941-45; Under Secretary of State, 1945-47; Secretary of State, 1949-53. Papers, 1931-71. 67 linear feet. Includes a series of memorandums of conversation for the Secretary of State's meetings.

COPPOCK, JOHN O. Member of U.S. Missions to Greece, 1947-49. Papers, 1942-48. About 100 pages.

GRADY, HENRY F. Ambassador to India, 1947-48; Ambassador to Greece, 1948-50; Ambassador to Iran, 1950-51. Papers, 1932-57. 2 linear feet.

GRISWOLD, DWIGHT P. Chief, American Mission for Aid to Greece, 1947-48. Papers, 1946-48. 1 linear foot.

HOWARD, HARRY N. Adviser, Division of Greek, Turkish and Iranian Affairs, Department of State, 1947-49; U.N. adviser, Bureau of Near Eastern, South Asian and African Affairs, Department of State, 1949-56. Papers, 1944-60. 10 linear feet.

IVERSON, KENNETH R. Deputy Chief for Operations, Special Mission, Economic Cooperation Administration, Greece, 1948-50; president, Institute of Inter-American Affairs, 1950-52. Papers, 1942-54. 1 linear foot.

JOHNSON, EDGAR A. J. Civil Administrator, South Korean Interim Government, 1946-47; Chief Adviser to the Government of Korea, 1947-48; Division Director, Korean Program, Economic Cooperation Administration, 1948-51; economic adviser, Economic Cooperation Administration Mission to Greece, 1951-52. Papers, 1946-65. 5 linear feet.

LINCOLN, FRANCIS F. Member, American Mission to Greece, Economic Cooperation Administration, 1947-50; economist, Department of State, 1950-60. Papers, 1945-67. 5 linear feet. Includes information on the Greek civil war and the Truman Doctrine.

MARKEZINIS, SPYROS Greek lawyer, historian, politician. Oral history interview. 79 typescript pages.

PHILLIES, GEORGE E. Member, Order of Ahepa, Justice for Greece Committee, and Justice for Cyprus Committee. Papers, 1946-71. 3 linear feet.

PORTER, PAUL A. Chief, American Economic Mission to Greece, 1947; U.S. member, Palestine Conciliation Commission, 1949; member, President's Commission on Campaign Costs, 1961-62. Papers, 1942-76. 3 linear feet.

PORTER, PAUL R. Chief, Economic Cooperation Administration Mission to Greece, 1949-50. Papers, 1944-80. 1 linear foot.

STRACHAN, D. ALAN. Assistant Labor Adviser, American Mission for Aid to Greece, 1947-48; Director, Labor and Manpower Division, Economic Cooperation Administration, 1948-51 and Mutual Security Agency, 1951-53, in Greece. Papers, 1947-62. About 800 pages.

TENENBAUM, EDWARD A. Special Assistant to the Finance Adviser, U.S. Military Government in Germany, 1945-48; economist, Economic Cooperation Administration, 1948-50; economist, International Monetary Fund, 1950-51; economic adviser, Mutual Security Agency, 1951-52; finance adviser to the government of Greece, 1952-54. Papers, 1941-59. 4 linear feet.

Tufts University

Title: Constantine C. and Christy C. Moustakis papers, 1909-98
Collection number: MS082
Dates: 1909-98
Extent: 4 Linear feet
Repository: Digital Collections and Archives, Tufts University Medford, MA 02155

Contains correspondence, clippings, photographs, and memorabilia of Constantinos and Christy Moustakis. 

Citable URL:

U. of California, Santa Barbara:  Stanley K. Sheinbaum Collection

The Stanley K. Sheinbaum Collection at UC Santa Barbara, Series VII deals with Greece (1966-2004), the Junta, and Andreas Papandreou, among other topics (boxes 96-109). The collection guide is in the Online Archive of California. That page also has the full Guide to the collection in PDF format.

United States Library of Congress: Library of Congress, On-line Catalog


Extensive collections. Search with a topic such as "Greek American" or with specific keywords, such as an organization's name or a periodical title, or with a combination including a location.
Researchers, Reference Tools and Services
United States National Archives:Checklist: Places to Look For Documents on
US government records collections.
Includes declassified World War Two records for "OSS" and "Office of Stragetic Services".
Genealogists / Family Historians:
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Mitropoulos, Dimitris, Unpublished correspondence

Χρυσοχοϊδης, Ηλίας, “ΔΗΜΗΤΡΗΣ ΜΗΤΡΟΠΟΥΛΟΣ: Μία συμφωνική, ένα αφεντικό και δύο μνηστήρες”, Το Βήμα της Κυριακής, 9 January 2011, B2: 6–7.

University of Michigan 

Joseph A. Labadie Collection, Hatcher Graduate Library

· Eva C. Topping Papers, 1933-2010 (accession date was 11/12/10), University of Michigan, Bentley Historical Library.

Personal and professional papers of Harvard-trained classicist and Greek Orthodox feminist author and lecturer Eva Topping (1920-). Her papers includes family and professional correspondence and notes and drafts of finished manuscripts of articles, lectures, and books on topics from Philhellenes in Michigan to women in the Greek Orthodox tradition. Topping's advocacy of a female deaconate and arguments for a female priesthood her into conflict with Greek Orthodox Church leaders in America and into dialogue with many people.

· Georgakas, Dan. Papers, 1960s-1990. 1.25 linear ft. University of Michigan Hatcher Graduate Library. Boxlist available in repository.

Includes marked-up manuscript of Georgakas’s book, Detroit, I Do Mind Dying; file cards on some resources for same; manuscript of Don't Mourn, Organize: Joe Hill, the IWW and Western Labor Meeting; research materials related to Abdeen Jabara v. FBI regarding Arab Americans in Detroit; Martin Sostre Defense Committee materials; raw interviews with veterans of the IWW that were edited for use in Solidarity Forever: An Oral History of the IWW; original version of Georgakas’s essay on 19th century Detroit labor radical Richard Trevellick with two follow-up articles; fliers pertaining to Libertairian Communism in Detroit and the Greek Underground.

· Greek Anti-Junta Struggle Collection, 1949-1975 (bulk 1967-1974). Papers of James G. Pyrros. 7.25 linear ft. University of Michigan Hatcher Graduate Library Labadie Collection of Radical History in the United States. Unpublished finding aid available in repository.

Collection of materials on the Greek coup d'etat by military leaders in 1967 and the ensuing junta, which continued until 1974. Mostly concerned with the anti-junta struggle, but also present are some materials from the pro-junta viewpoint. Contains correspondence, reports, legislative materials, periodicals, transcripts, press releases, pamphlets, essays, clippings, programs and invitations, and biographical sketches. Materials were compiled by Detroit native James G. Pyrros (b.1948), member of the U.S. Army liaison detachment to the Greek Expeditionary Force, Assistant Attorney General for Michigan (1955-1961), administrative assistant to U.S. Congressional Representative Lucien Nedzi (D-Michigan) (1961-1980), activist in the Greek anti-junta effort in the United States, particularly involved with the U.S. Committee for Democracy in Greece (1967-1974). Primarily in English.

· The Sketchbooks of Sam Karres, 1975-1996 

Artist Sam Karres recently donated sketchbooks, dating from 1975-1996, to the University of Michigan Library. The collection will support the study of both Greek America and Detroit. Sam Karres has spent his life deriving inspiration from the city of Detroit. With a sketchbook always in hand, he captured Greektown before the casino, at a time when it was truly a Greek neighborhood. Karres worked as an illustrator for Ford Motor Company for 25 years, but he didn’t let his job interfere with his personal artistic life. He considered it a great way to live: work eight hours, paint eight hours, and sleep eight hours.

University of Minnesota, Immigration History Research Center: AHEPA, National Office, Records, 1923-1950

The Immigration History Research Center Archives contain the largest and most significant collections of multi-ethnic immigrant experience in North America. Established in 1963, the then named Immigrant Archives’ staff, affiliated ethnic scholars, and communities contributed toward the archival collections. Archival holdings reflect the experience of immigrants, ethnic communities and organizational or resettlement records. The Greek American collections primarily fit within the late 19th- and early 20th-century migration documentation (from a geographic area described by Finland, Syria and Italy) collected by the IHRCA, but 20th-century refugee materials also are collected. A related resource available at the Special Collections and Rare Books division at the University of Minnesota Libraries is the Basil Laourdas Modern Greek Collection of Greek literature. The circulating holdings of the University Libraries contain thousands of books on Greek topics that support the non-circulating archival and rare print materials for studying Greek culture and immigration.

The Greek American holdings at the IHRCA contain several extraordinarily rich collections documenting Hellenic immigration on multiple levels. The archives of fraternal and educational organizations such as the Order of AHEPA or Daughters of Penelope provide valuable information on the community life of Greek-speaking immigrants and their descendants in many regions of the United States, from Tarpon Springs, Florida, to Minneapolis, Minnesota. Papers of immigration historian Theodore Saloutos document various stages of Greek immigration, while the Demetrios Callimachos collection offers a wealth of complementary visual materials, among other sources. Religion is well represented in the papers of Rev. George Papademetriou, which have recently been processed to make them accessible. The IHRCA also holds a significant library of books pertaining to Greek immigration, as well as newspapers and magazines produced by this immigrant group. The collections have been used in the past by scholars researching regional Greek American histories, relationships between immigrants and their country of origin, and other subjects of ethnic history and comparative studies of multiple immigrant groups.

IHRC98, 63 linear ft.
Bound correspondence of the local chapters for the period of 1923
- 1950.
Historical sketch on-line.

Argoe, Kostis Tamias, Papers, 1930-1969
IHRC238, 3 linear ft. (8 boxes).
Published and unpublished articles; one-act plays; records of Greek
American cultural organizations in Chicago, Illinois.; scrapbooks; and
correspondence and printed material related to the Cyprus issue.
Description on-line.

Callimachos, Demetrios P., Papers, 1876-1963
IHRC397, 20 linear ft..
Biographical information, correspondence, writings and speeches,
resources, legal documents, memorabilia, collected ephemera, and photographs. Description on-line with historical sketch.

Daughters of Penelope, Chapter 35-Antigone, Minneapolis, Records
IHRC514, 8 linear ft.

Greek Community Council of Marysville, California, Records IHRC815, 0.5 linear in.
Ledger showing dues, donations, expenditures, and other financial
records. Historical sketch on-line.

Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of North and South America
[Department of Laity], Records, 1950-1981
IHRC823, 41.5 linear ft.
Correspondence; financial records; photographs; press releases;
subject files; and print materials.
Much relating to activities of the Greek Orthodox Youth
Organization; the Biennial Clergy-Laity Congress; individual
parishes; relations with other denominations; and relations with
religious and secular social action groups. Description on-line.

Greek American Archdiocese of North and South America, Records
IHRC813, 1 linear ft. [n..d.]

Greek Orthodox Youth of America, Records
IHRC829, 2 linear in. [n..d.].

Minnesotans for Democracy in Greece, Records, 1964-1979
IHRC1575, 7 linear in.
Correspondence, clippings, minutes, reports, and published material. Description on-line.

Saloutos, Theodore, 1932-1982, Papers
IHRC2355, 45 linear ft.
Personal and professional correspondence; research notes;
documentation of organizational, teaching, and political activities;
photographs; diaries; and memorabilia.
Description on-line with historical sketch.
Also see: Martin, Louise, comp., Guide to the Theodore Saloutos
Collection (Minneapolis, MN: University of Minnesota, Immigration
History Research Center,1989), ISBN: 093283308X.

St. George Greek Orthodox Church (Saint Paul, MN), Records
IHRC2496, one box. Etc.

University of Pittsburgh Libraries, Archive Services Center:
Guide to Selected Greek and Greek-American Resources

Organizations / Churches
American Service Institute, Pittsburgh, PA, Records, 1941-1961
Greek American Progressive Association, 1952-1953
Greek War Relief, Friends of Greece
St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Cathedral, Records, 1906-1976(restricted access)
Miscellaneous Publications / Pamphlets
American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association (AHEPA
"Greek Orthodox Church of Pittsburgh"
"The History of the Order of AHEPA", 1922-1972
"Karpathian Heritage.", Federation of Karpathian Socities of America, c. 1978
Mantzoros, Peter N., "AHEPA and I Across the Years".
Related Collections
Ethnic Fraternal Organizations Oral History Project
Hays, Samuel P., Post World War II Radical Movements Collection, Greek Report
Greek Federation of the Workers of America. Etc.

The University of Texas at Austin, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History

Title: George G. Arnakis Papers
Dates: 1918-1975
Accession No.: AR 95-198
Extent: 6 feet, 4 inches
Language: Materials are written in Greek and English.


University of Utah, J. Willard Marriott Library, Manuscripts Division: Greek Americans: Helen Zeese Papanikolas Papers
Ms 471.

Materials concerning the research and writing of Papanikolas about the ethnic peoples in Utah. Correspondence, information on awards received, copies of published articles. Oral history transcripts of interviews with immigrants and the children of immigrants conducted by Papanikolas' students in classes taught at the University of Utah in 1977 and 1979. Topics in the interviews: adjusting to life in America, the continuation of native traditions and customs, and racial prejudice. Indexed register.
(Also see the Helen Z. Papanikolas Oral Histories Collection, Utah Historical Society.)

Greek Archives
Ms 530.
1888-1989. Greek and English.
Materials regarding the establishment of the Greek communities in Utah and throughout the West. Materials include personal materials, correspondence, biographies, passports, naturalization and citizenship certificates, birth and death certificates, Greek Orthodox Church materials, church anniversary and consecration albums, newsletters, bulletins, Greek organization materials, ledgers, minute books, membership books, fraternal organization publications, various Greek publications, books, booklets, record books, and various ephemera. Indexed register.

Archadian [sic " Arcadian] Brotherhood of Intermountain States
Accn 1225.
1938-1956. The organization was a sub-unit of the Pan-Archadian [sic " Arcadian] Federation of America, a fraternal organization. Materials include membership and dues ledgers, meeting minutes, a 1956 scrapbook documenting the Hellenic Mothers' Club, and the secretarial records of Ananst Chipian.
Indexed register.
Greek Oral Histories
Ms 329 & Ms 479.
Description unavailable.
Search for "Ms 329" and "Ms 479" or "Greek" at Manuscript Division Numeric Index.

Utah State Historical Society: The Helen Z. Papanikolas Oral Histories Collection, 1969-1974
Mss B 1644, .25 linear ft. (1 box) .
Oral history interviews of Greek Americans in Utah conducted by Helen Z. Papanikolas for the American West Center, University of Utah. Description on-line.
(Also see the Helen Zeese Papanikolas Papers, Manuscript Division,
University of Utah.)

Also See:

Regional Groups, looking through the brief description for each group to find the ones that have their own archives.

Also Read

Manolis, Paul. G., "Archival Research of Community History", in A Case Study in Greek American Orthodoxy, the Proceedings of the Symposium, the Preservation of our History Past, Present, and Future, eds. Mary Kumarelas Mousalimas and the Ascension Historical Committee, The Greek Orthodox Theological Review, gen. ed. Protopresbyter George Dion Dragas, vol. 45, no. 1-4 (2000), pp. 377-383.

Vryonis, Speros, Jr., "Cultural Context of Preserving Community Archives", ibid., pp. 363-376.

University of Virginia Library - Special Collections:
Guide to the Letters to Demetra Vaka Brown, 1918-[1930];

Descriptive Summary
Repository: Special Collections, University of Virginia Library
Accession number: 9732-f
Title: Letters to Demetra Vaka Brown 1918-[1930]
Physical Characteristics: 4 items.
Language: English

Scope and Content
Julia D. Dragoumis, author of Tales of a Greek Island (1912), and A Man of Athens (1916), wrote Brown,, praising and discussing her book In the Heart of the German Intrigue. Later, she wrote thanking Brown for sending her the copy of A Pawn to a Throne and notes that it was dedicated to Venizelos.

Helen von Kolnitz Hyer, author of On Shiny Wings, Hurricane Harbor, Stories by Seasons, Santee Songs (1923), and Wine Dark Sea (1930), wrote Brown expressing her appreciation of the praise received for her recently published poems, [Wine Dark Sea?]. She also promises to read Brown's books, and mentions William Rose Benet's devastating review of the work.

Edwin Arlington Robinson wrote Brown thanking her for a rememberance.

Biographical/Historical Information

Demetra Vaka Brown (1877-1946), a Byzantine Greek, was born on the Island of Bouyouk-Ada (Prinkipo) in the Sea of Marmora. She came to America at the age of seventeen and was on the editorial staff of a Greek language newspaper in New York before teaching French at Comstock School. She married Kenneth Brown on April 21, 1904. She traveled extensively in the Balkans, Asia Minor, and Greece, and interviewed King Constantine and Eleutherios Venizelos, as well as other leaders. She was author, and co-author with her husband, of books including The First Secretary (1907), In the Shadow of Islam (1911), In the Heart of the Balkans (1917), In the Heart of the German Intrigue (1918), and A Pawn to a Throne (1919).

A Guide to the Papers of Kenneth Brown, ca. 1880-1954

Descriptive Summary

Repository: Special Collections, University of Virginia Library
Accession number: 9732
Title: Papers of Kenneth Brown ca. 1880-1954
Physical Characteristics: Ca. 3000 items (9 boxes).
Language: English

Scope and Content
The Papers of Kenneth Brown contain ca. 3,000 items, ca. 1880-1954, chiefly photographs of the Brown family, of Turkey, Greece, and various western European countries, and of Greek and Turkish leaders of the World War I era. There is some correspondence of the Browns (1876-1954), some bills to Francesca Boone, Kenneth Brown's sister, three photograph albums, and seven scrapbooks, chiefly filled with clippings, belonging to Kenneth Brown, Caroline Brown, and Francesca Boone. There are also a number of handwritten newspapers that the young Kenneth Brown wrote in Europe.

Biographical/Historical Information
The son of Franklin B. and Caroline Morrill Brown, Kenneth Brown (1868- ) was born in Chicago and lived in Europe as a youth. A University of Virginia alumnus and Harvard graduate, he worked on several newspapers including the Boston Journal and the New York Commercial Advertiser. In 1904 he married Demetra Vaka (1877-1946), a Byzantine Greek who had come to the United States at the age of 17. Together they went to Greece during World War I, interviewed King Constantine, Eleutherios Venizelos, and other leaders, and wrote about their observations. In 1921 the couple did a series of articles on Turkey. Mrs. Brown is known also for several novels and works of non-fiction, including Haremlik (1909), In the Shadow of Islam (1911), and In the Grasp of the Sultan (1916).

Contents List
Letters and postcards to and from Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Brown 1900-1919 Box: 1
Woodrow Wilson to Mrs. Kenneth Brown 1918 February 7 Box: 1
TLS w/envelope Secretary to Woodrow Wilson to Mrs. Kenneth Brown 1918 March 11 Box: 1
TLS Letters and postcards to Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Brown 1920-1929 Box: 1
Letters and postcards, chiefly from Kenneth Brown 1930-1939 Box: 1
Letters and postcards, chiefly from Kenneth Brown 1940-1954 Box: 1
Letters and postcards to and from Kenneth Brown n.d. Box: 1
Carbons of publicity for Demetra Vaka (Mrs. Kenneth Brown) n.d. Box: 1
Clippings, re: Demetra Vaka (Mrs. Kenneth Brown) 1918-1932 Box: 1
Bills of Francesca Boone, A-B 1914-1928 Box: 2
— — —, C 1916-1926 Box: 2
— — —, D 1914-1926 Box: 2
— — —, E 1914-1921 Box: 2
— — —, F 1915-1926 Box: 2
— — —, G 1914-1926 Box: 2
— — —, H 1914-1929 Box: 2
— — —, I 1916-1921 Box: 2
— — —, J-K 1915-1927 Box: 2
— — —, L-M 1914-1925 Box: 2
— — —, N-O 1915-1923 Box: 2
— — —, P-R 1914-1929 Box: 2
— — —, S 1915-1925 Box: 2
— — —, T 1915-1927 Box: 2
— — —, U-V 1916-1924 Box: 2
— — —, W-Z 1915-1929 Box: 2
Photographs of Demetra Vaka (Mrs. Kenneth Brown) at various ages n.d. Box: 2
Photographs and negatives of Demetra Vaka (Mrs. Kenneth Brown) at various ages n.d. Box: 3
Photographs of Demetra Vaka ca. 1920 Box: 3
Photographs of Kenneth Brown at various ages n.d. Box: 3
Photographs of Kenneth Brown as a child ca. 1880 Box: 3
Photographs of Edmund Clarence Stedman, signed by Laura Stedman ca. 1908 Box: 3
Photographs of a group of Harvard athletes ca. 1890 Box: 3
Photographs of Greek Royal family ca. 1920 Box: 3
Photographs of Eleutherios Venizelos, his family, and his houses ca. 1920 Box: 3
Negatives of photographs of the Venizelos family ca. 1920 Box: 3
Photographs and negatives of Greek leaders ca. 1920 Box: 3
Photographs and negatives of Turkish leaders ca. 1920 Box: 3
Photographs and negatives of various identified people ca. 1920 Box: 4
Photographs of unidentified people n.d. Box: 4
Photographs of Brown-Boone house ca. 1901 Box: 4
Photographs of Kenneth Brown house [in New Hampshire] n.d. Box: 4
Photographs and negatives of Virginia scenes ca. 1920 Box: 4
Photographs and negatives of Greece 1917-ca. 1930 Box: 4
Photographs of Greece 1917-ca. 1930 Box: 4
Photographs of Turkey ca. 1920 Box: 5
Photographs of Turkey ca. 1920 Box: 5
Negatives of Turkey ca. 1920 Box: 5
Lists of kinds of photographs n.d. Box: 5
Photographs of Italy n.d. Box: 5
Photographs of Germany n.d. Box: 6
Photographs of Switzerland n.d. Box: 6
Photographs of France n.d. Box: 6
Photographs of European countries ca. 1920 Box: 6
Negatives of photographs of European countries 1910-ca. 1920 Box: 6
Photographs of unidentified places n.d. Box: 6
"A Little Bit of Love" n.d. Box: 6
TMs "The Gray Forsythia Twig" n.d. Box: 6
AMs Visas of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Brown 1917 Box: 6
Printed and typewritten material, re: Demetra Vaka, Greece 1936-? Box: 6
Religious pamphlets 1930-1939 Box: 6
Pamphlets about Greece 1913-1926 Box: 7
Miscellaneous pamphlets 1910-1936 Box: 7
Miscellaneous printed material 1911-1949 Box: Box 7 Miscellaneous articles n.d. Box: 7
Photograph album, with photographs of Kenneth Brown's [New Hampshire] home n.d. Box: 8
Photograph album with pictures, chiefly of Paris n.d. Box: 8
Scrapbook of clippings of articles of Kenneth Brown, in the Harvard Advocate, the Boston Journal, and the Magpie 1889-1896 Box: 9
Photograph album of Kenneth Brown's house and family 1891-? Box: 9
Photograph of Harvard Class of 1891 1916 Box: 9
Photograph of Harvard Class of 1891 with families 1916 June 20 Box: 9


Wayne State University, The Walter P. Reuther Library of Labor and Urban Affairs

Folklore archive that includes correspondence and many oral histories from the Greek-American Family Project.

The Reuther Library also has miscellaneous other Greek materials which can be searched on that library’s home page.

Notably, the archive includes interviews with historian Dan Georgakas



Literary studies/criticism

1992 – Helen Nickas, Migrant Daughters: the female voice in Greek-Australian prose fiction (English)
1999 – Helen Nickas (ed, Dimitris Tsaloumas) a voluntary exile: selected writings on his life and work (English-Greek)

1993 – Hermione Vassiliou, Thealle: four narrative poems. Out of print
1994 – Dimitris Tsaloumas reads a selection of his poems in Greek and English (2 cassettes and book) Out of print
1995 – Dimitris Tsaloumas, To Taxidi: collected poems (Greek)
2000 – Antigone Kefala, Poems: a selection (English-Greek)
2001, 2006 – Dimitris Tsaloumas, Diforos karpos: poems (Greek translations)
2003 – Yota Krili, Triptych: Poems (English-Greek)
2005 – Peter Lyssiotis, The Bird, the Belltower: poems (English-Greek)

2001 – Vasso Kalamaras, Olympias: mother of Alexander the Great (separate English and Greek editions)

Prose fiction
1995 – Antigone Kefala, Alexia: a tale for advanced children (English-Greek)
2002 – Antigone Kefala, The Island (English-Greek-French)
2005 – Dimitris Tzoumacas, Merry Sydney (in English translation)

1994 – Helen Nickas and Konstandina Dounis (editors) Re-telling the Tale: poetry and prose by Greek-Australian women writers (English-Greek)
1998 – Eleni Nika/Stephanos Konstantinides (eds) Allochthonatopia: poetry from Australia and Canada (Greek)
2006 – Helen Nickas (ed), Mothers from the Edge: an anthology [of prose fiction] (English)
For information contact:
Helen Nickas, Editor
Honorary Associate
Greek Studies Program
School of Historical and European Studies
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
La Trobe University (Melbourne)
Victoria 3086, Australia