Modern Greek Studies Association

MGSA Administration

As defined in its constitution, the MGSA’s governance consists of a twelve-member Executive Board that is elected by the members every three years. The Executive Board in turn elects, from among its own ranks, the Association's officers: the President, the Vice President, the Secretary, and the Treasurer. In the selection of candidates for the Executive Board, every effort is made to provide representation for both the principal academic fields active in the Association and the different geographic regions of the United States in which members live and work. Executive Board members may serve up to two consecutive terms. After completing two terms, however, they must sit out for at least three years before standing for election again.

The Executive Board is aided in their administrative duties by the Executive Director of the Association. The Executive Director, who is appointed by the Executive Board, oversees the day-to-day administration of the property, assets, affairs, and business of the Association.

Download a copy of our constitution or read it online Amended 8/2015


In order to promote access to information about activities of possible interest to its members and to provide for jointly sponsored meetings focusing on shared themes the MGSA has become affiliated with other professional organizations. Currently these include:

Standing Committees

In order to facilitate the Association’s business, the Constitution allows the Executive Board to establish both standing and ad hoc committees that are entrusted to oversee specific aspects of the Association’s business. Each committee contains at least one Executive Board member, who generally serves as the chair. The chair recruits other members, from both the Executive Board and the general membership, and convenes the committee.

Currently, the Executive Board mandates the following committees:

  • Administration: Chair, TomĀ Gallant
  • Digital Communications and Social Media: Chair, Doxis Doxiadis
  • Financial Advisory: Chair, Franklin Hess
  • Fund Raising and Long-Term Planning: Chair, Kostis Kourelis
  • Graduate Studies: Chair, Electra Kostopoulou
  • Membership and Publicity: Chair, Johanna Hanink
  • Library: Chair, Harold Leich
  • Nominations: Chair, Katerina Lagos
  • Publications: Chair, Nikos Panou
  • Undergraduate Studies: Chair, Elsa Amanatidou
  • Transnational Studies: Chair, Yiorgos Anagnostou

Committee mandates and details can be viewed here.

Current MGSA Officers

President: Frank Hess
Modern Greek Cultural Studies and Language Pedagogy,
Indiana University - Bloomington

Vice-President: Katerina Lagos History, California State University

Secretary: Gerasimus Katsan European Languages & Literatures, Queens College

Treasurer: Kostis Kourelis Art History, Franklin and Marshall College

Current Executive Board

Dr. Vangelis Calotychos
Executive Director
Comparative Literature
Brown University

Elsa Amanatidou Language Pedagogy Brown University

Yiorgos Anagnostou Greek and Latin
The Ohio State University

Dimitris Antoniou   Classics
Columbia University

Doxis (Evdoxios) Doxiadis History
Simon Fraser University

Thomas Gallant Modern Greek History,   UC San Diego

Johanna Hanink Classics
Brown University

Elektra Kostopoulou History
Rutgers University

Nikos Panou Comparative Literature SUNY Stony Brook

David IdolHistory, UC San Diego Graduate Student Representative