Modern Greek Studies Association

Dr. Despina Lalaki

M. Alison Frantz Fellow at the American School of Classical Studies at Athens, Greece

The New School University. Graduate Faculty. Department of Sociology.
PhD in Historical and Cultural Sociology, 2014 

Binghamton University, State University of New York. Department of Art History. MA in History of Art and Architecture

National University of Athens, Greece. Department of Archaeology and Art History. BA in Archaeology and Art History

Certified Philologist in Greek Literature and Language

Principal Publications



“The Cultural Cold War and the New Women of Power. Making a Case Based on the Fulbright and Ford Foundations in Greece,” [email protected] Politique, Culture, Société, Revue du Centre d'Histoire de Sciences Po, n.35, Mai – Août 2018.

“From Plato to NATO. 2,500 Years of Democracy and The End of History.” The AHIF Policy Journal. vol. 8, Spring 2017.

“Soldiers of Science – Agents of Culture. American Archaeologists in the Office of Strategic Services – OSS.” Hesperia. The Journal of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens, [Special Issue, Philhellenism, Philanthropy, or Political Convenience” American Archaeology in Greece] vol. 82(1), 2013.

“On the Social Construction of Hellenism. Cold War Narratives of Modernity, Development and Democracy for Greece.” The Journal of Historical Sociology, vol. 25(4), 2012.

“Rehabilitating the Importance of the Non-Cognitive. Interview with Michèle Lamont.” International Journal of Politics, Culture and Society, v.19 (1-2), 2007.


Dimitris Plantzos. Recent Futures. Classical Antiquity and Modern Greek Biopolitics. Athens: Nefeli Publishing, 2016, pp.231. Journal of Modern Greek Studies, Vol. 36, n.2, October 2018. 

Claire Duchen, Feminism in France. From May ’68 to Mitterrand. London and New York: Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1986, pp. 192. Marginalia-Σημειώσεις στο Περιθώριο,, n.4, May 2018 (also published in Greek).

Giles Scott-Smith, The Politics of Apolitical Culture: The Congress of Cultural Freedom and the Political Economy of American Hegemony 1945-1955. London and New York: Routledge, 2001, pp. 233. Marginalia-Σημειώσεις στο Περιθώριο,, n.1, January 2018 (also published in Greek).

Helena Sheehan. The Syriza Wave: Surging and Crashing with the Greek Left. New York: Monthly Review Press, 2016, pp. 247. International Socialist Review, Winter 2017-2018.


“Pilgrimage Tourism and Israeli Propaganda,” Εφημερίδα των Συντακτών, October 10, 2019 (in Greek).

“Civilization, again!” ThePressProject August 18, 2018 (also in Greek).

“Black Detroit: The Worst Nightmare of the American Establishment,” Interview with Dan Georgakas in Marginalia-Σημειώσεις στο Περιθώριο, no.4, May 2018 (also in Greek).

“Culture, Civil Society and the Ideologism of the NGOs,” Marginalia-Σημειώσεις στο Περιθώριο,, no2, February 2018 (in Greek).

“Enzo Traverso: Neoliberalism is the Totalitarianism of Our Times,” Interview with Enzo Traverso in Marginalia-Σημειώσεις στο Περιθώριο,, no1, January 2018 (also in Greek).

“Rethinking Greece: Despina Lalaki on Hellenism, State-Building, Archaeology and the ‘Democratic West’.” Greek News Agenda, Hellenic Republic-General Secretariat for Media and Communication, August 1, 2016.

“The Cradle of Democracy and the Longue Durée of a Crisis. Some Thoughts from the Perspective of Historical Sociology.” Trajectories. Newsletter of the ASA Comparative Historical Sociology Section. vol. 27, no.4, Summer 2016, pp.24-30.

“First We Take Manhattan. Global Cities and Diasporic Networks in the Aftermath of Syriza’s Victory,” New Politics Magazine, March 2015. Republished in Greek in Ενθέματα Αυγής under the title “First We Take Manhattan… Παγκόσμιες Πόλεις και Διασπορικά Δίκτυα μετά την Εκλογική Νίκη του Σύριζα,” March 15, 2015.

“The Predicament of the Greek Diaspora. Economic Crisis, Immigrant Radicalism and Greek-American Ethnic Identity,” Chronos online magazine,, 3rd issue, July 2013 (also in Greek).

“Greece in Crisis: An Interview with Despina Lalaki,” The Boston Occupier, January 29, 2013.

Republished in Spanish in, under the title “Goug Greene Enaa hablando con Despina Lalaki, Grecia en Crisis,” February 28, 2013.

“The Greek Crisis as Racketeering,” Al Jazeera English, Opinion Section., June 15, 2012. Republished in Greek in Ενθέματα Αυγής under the title “Η Ελληνική Κρίση ως Εκβιασμός και Οργανωμένο Έγκλημα,” June 24, 2012.

Souidias 54
Athens 106 76

(646) 675-2228

Department Website

Personal Website

Areas of Specialization

Historical and Cultural Sociology, Sociology of the State, Social Theory, Collective Identities and Cultural Representations, Civilization Theory, 20thc. American and Greek History, Cold War Politics and Culture, Greek Archaeology and Modern Receptions of Antiquity.

Courses Taught in Modern Greek Studies

Social Movements – Baruch College-CUNY (Advanced 3000 course)
Science, Identity and Nationalism – Baruch College-CUNY (Advanced 3000 course)
Introduction to Sociology – City Tech and Baruch College-CUNY 
Introduction to Cultural Anthropology – Baruch College-CUNY
Race and Ethnic Relations in the American Context – City Tech-CUNY
Urban Sociology – An American Perspective – City Tech-CUNY
Diaspora, Race, Identity: Re-Imagining the Community – Eugene Lang College
Nation-Building and Culture in Historical Perspective: Imagining the Community – Eugene Lang College
Western Civilization and the Archaeology of the Greek State – McGill University, Summer Program
Nations and Nationalism. Islam, Jews and the West (with Edward Berenson) – New York University
Museums and Society (with Vera Zolberg) – New School University 
Fundamentals of Sociology of Culture (with Vera Zolberg) – New School University 
Archaeology and the Social Construction of Memory in Greece – New York University, Summer Program
Modern Greek Language. Elementary I, II. Intermediate Greek I, II – New York University
Advanced Modern Greek: Introduction to Greek History, Culture and Politics – New York University 

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