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MGSA-L is a free e-mail discussion list for Modern Greek Studies. Since its first postings in January 1993, the list has gained over 200 members from all over the world, representing a variety of academic disciplines. As of June 1999, the list is based at the University of California, Irvine.

The kinds of information exchanged on MGSA-L have included abstracts of current and proposed research, upcoming conferences, job openings, and research funding.

Members of MGSA-L may request input or invite participation on research projects, or enter into a dialogue on issues of concern to students of Modern Greek Studies.


Policies for Moderating the MGSA-L

No ad hominem sniping. Subscribers to the MGSA-listserve are expected to show respect to the other members of our academic community, past and present, by maintaining a civil tone in their postings.  Postings conveying contempt or disrespect to individuals are not welcome on our MGSA-L listserve.

OPINION pieces to the list need to be posted by a dues-paying MGSA member.

Any posting to [email protected] must come from a subscribed email address, otherwise it will be go straight to a spamhole from which Roland cannot retrieve it.  Workaround: send to [email protected] and he can post for the sender, if appropriate.

Senders of messages to the list should identify themselves by including their first name and surname either in their email address or at the end of their posting. Anonymous messages or messages that are not so identified will not be posted, and members may be asked to supply such information before I approve the posting.

Messages should be sent exclusively to the list. Messages should not also be cc.d to individuals, to other listserves, or to other associations.  

Try to avoid solely commercial posts, but, maybe, if you frame your post as a service to the readership (e.g., a language learning tool, or scholar's rental flat), it might be allowed.

Notifications of newly published books or recently designed educational materials relevant to Modern Greek Studies may be posted at the time of their publication. However, we prefer that members refrain from repeatedly posting the same announcement. Once is usually enough. The same request applies to notices about plans for Study Abroad programs in Greece and Cyprus. All such notices, after all, may also be listed on our Study Abroad page on the MGSA website.

Difficult decisions are made in consultation with the Executive Director, the President, and the Chair of the Digital Communications and Social Media Committee. As the list manager, Roland will then communicate with individuals who have their messages rejected to explain the reasons why, and propose changes that would make the message postable. 

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