Modern Greek Studies Association

Dr. Amelia Brown

Senior Lecturer in Greek History & Language, ARC Senior Research Fellow (DECRA)

University of Queensland, Australia

School of Historical & Philosophical Inquiry (HaPI)


PhD, UC Berkeley, 2008, Ancient History and Mediterranean Archaeology
MA, UC Berkeley, 2002
AB, Princeton, 1999, History, Hellenic Studies and Visual Arts

Principal Publications

Forthcoming. Late Antique Corinth: A Greek, Roman & Christian City. London: IB Tauris.

Brown, A.R. & Neil, B., eds. 2017. Byzantine Culture in Translation. Byzantina Australiensia 21. Leiden: Brill.

2016. ‘Corinth,’ in R.R.R. Smith & B. Ward-Perkins, eds. The Last Statues of Antiquity. Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp. 174-189.

2016. ‘Crosses, Noses, Walls, and Wells: Christianity and the Fate of Sculpture in Late Antique Corinth,’ in T.M. Kristensen & L. Stirling, eds. The Afterlife of Greek and Roman Sculpture: Late Antique Responses and Practices. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, pp. 150-176.

2013. ‘Remembering Thermopylae and the Persian Wars in Antiquity,’ in M. Trundle & C. Matthews, eds. Beyond the Hot Gates: New Perspectives on the Battle of Thermopylae. Barnsley: Pen and Sword, pp. 100-116.

2013. ‘Psalmody and Socrates: Female Literacy in the Byzantine Empire,’ in B. Neil & L. Garland, eds., Questions of Gender in Byzantine Society. Farnham: Ashgate, pp. 57-76.

2012. ‘Last Men Standing: Chlamydatus Portraits and Public Life in Late Antique Corinth,’ Hesperia 81: 141-176.

2012. ‘Medieval Pilgrimage to Corinth and Southern Greece,’ in T.M. Kristensen, ed. The Material Culture of Roman and Early Christian Pilgrimage, thematic section of HEROM. Journal on Hellenistic and Roman Material Culture 1. Leuven: Leuven University Press, pp. 197-223.

2012. ‘Performance and Reception of Greek Tragedy in the Early Medieval Mediterranean,’ in S.L. Hathaway & D.W. Kim, eds. Intercultural Transmission in the Medieval Mediterranean. London: Continuum Press, pp. 146-162.

2011. ‘Banditry or Catastrophe?: History, Archaeology, and Barbarian Raids on Roman Greece,’ in R.W. Mathisen & D. Shanzer, eds. Romans, Barbarians, and the Transformation of the Roman World: Cultural Interaction and the Creation of Identity in Late Antiquity. Farnham: Ashgate, pp. 79-96.

2011. ‘Archbishops, Generals and Governors between East and West in Early Byzantine Greece,’ in G. Nathan & L. Garland, eds. Basileia: Essays on Imperium and Culture in Honour of E.M. and M.J. Jeffreys, Byzantina Australiensia 17. Brisbane: Australian Association for Byzantine Studies, pp. 39-43.

2010. ‘Islands in a Sea of Change? Continuity and Abandonment in Dark Age Corinth and Thessaloniki,’ International Journal of Historical Archaeology 14: 230-240.

2010. ‘Justinian, Procopius, and Deception: Literary Lies, Imperial Politics, and the Archaeology of Sixth-Century Greece,’ in A.J. Turner, J.H.K.O. Chong-Gossard & F.J. Vervaet, eds. Private and Public Lies: The Discourse of Despotism and Deceit in the Graeco-Roman World. Leiden: Brill, pp. 355-369.

2006. ‘Hellenic Heritage and Christian Challenge: Conflict over Panhellenic Sanctuaries in Late Antiquity,’ in H.A. Drake, ed. Violence in Late Antiquity: Perceptions & Practices, Shifting Frontiers in Late Antiquity 5. Aldershot: Ashgate, pp. 309-320.

School of HaPI, 526 Michie Building
University of Queensland
St Lucia, Queensland
4072, Australia

Tel +61 7 3365 6402

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Late Antiquity and Byzantine Greece

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