Modern Greek Studies Association

University of Michigan

Modern Greek Program and C. P. Cavafy Professorship in Modern Greek

Modern Greek classes taught since September 1990; Modern Greek Program and C. P. Cavafy Professorship since 1999

Approximate Number of Students Enrolled (per academic term): 80
Level of Program Offered (and when established):
Minor (2001) and Major (2003) in Modern Greek
M.A. and Ph.D. (through several departments)



Director: Artemis Leontis, Professor of Modern Greek

Vassilis Lambropoulos
C. P. Cavafy Professor of Comparative Literature and Classical Studies

Despina Margomenou, Lecturer III in Modern Greek


Tatjana Aleksic, Assistant Professor of Slavic & Comparative Literature

John Fine, Professor of History

Johannes Foufopoulos, Assistant Professor of Natural Resources & Environment

Natalie Bakopoulos, Lecturer in English

Lauren Talalay, Associate Director, Kelsey Museum of Archaeology

Keith Taylor, Lecturer in English and Director of Creative Writing

George Tsebelis, Professor of Political Science


Sponsoring Departments/Administrative Entities:

Department of Classical Studies
Program in Comparative Literature

Does the program offer financial support to students? yes
Does the institution offer financial support to students? yes

Program resources, achievements, and challenges

C. P. Cavafy Professorship endowed by the Foundation for Modern Greek Studies;
Dimitri and Irma Pallas Annual Lecture;
Foundation for Modern Greek Studies and Constantine A. Tsangadas Trust support for undergraduate and graduate study;
Calliope Papala Politou Student Senior Prize;
Kalliopi Kontou-Filis and Kenneth P. Mathews Fund Study Abroad
Modern Greek Translation Prize;
Hatcher Graduate Library Greek Collections;
"Meditopos: Mediterranean Topographies Workshop," A Graduate Student and Faculty Study Group


Four graduate students in Comparative Literature are currently incorporating Modern Greek studies in their research: Etienne Carriere, Maria Hadjipolycarpou, William Stroebel, and Ali Bolcakan. They have received fellowships from various foundations and funds for their studies. Etienne Carriere presented a paper at the MGSA 2013 Symposium. Maria Hadjipolycarpou, the graduate representative on the MGSA Executive Board, played an instigating role in the creation of caucuses.

Alex Kiefer, an MA student in School of Public Health studying Modern Greek, held an internship in the University Research Institute of Psychological Health, Athens, on a collaborative project assessing the mental health of Greek adolescents and University students during the crisis.


"Reptilian Mysteries in the Mediterranean: The Archaeology of Biodiversity," Johannes Foufopoulos and Despina Margomenou lecture (September 20);
"Mapping the Mediterranean" Conference (October 11-12);
"Queering Time and Affect," Dimitris Papanikolaou (October 23);
"Dead Yet Alive! The Resurrection of Cappadocian (Asia Minor Greek)," Mark Janse (November 7);
"Honey, Olives, Octopus," Christopher Bakken (November 18);
"Smyrna: The Destruction of a Cosmopolitan City" (January 26);
"Civilization Gone Awry: Culture, Capitalism, and Conflict in Contemporary Europe," Peter Bratsias (February 20);
"Classicisms in the Black Atlantic" conference (March 14-15);
"Fact or Fiction: What More Do We Know about American Involvement in the 1967 Greek Military Coup?" Neovi Karakatsanis, Annual Pallas Lecture (March 26).

Recent initiatives in curriculum, collaborative projects, outreach, educational and research support.

1. C. P. Cavafy in Music: a recital of songs and reflections, sponsored by the Onassis Foundation USA, performed at U-Michigan, Indiana-U, Columbia-U, Brown U, U Iowa, and in the Hellenic Center of London, Delphi European Cultural Center, and in Mexico City, Mexico and Santiago, Chile

2. “Conversations on Culture” Module for Intermediate Modern Greek: Task based peer teaching with via Skype: Teaching language through cultural comparisons. Collaboration of UM Dr. Despina Margomenou with the Center for Foreign Language Teaching (University of Thessaloniki)/ Dr. Anna Maria Hatzitheodorou

3. Sustainability in Mediterranean Ecosystems: Naxos and surrounding Cycladic Islands research project directed by Professor Johannes Foufopoulos: The project brings together UM students of Modern Greek and ecology or biology (Colton Babladelis, Joseph Jozlin, Scott Brenton) with UM students from Natural Resources and students from the University of Athens, Tel Aviv, New Orleans, and Texas.

4. Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP): Exotic Encounters in the Mediterranean: Mapping the impact of human interactions on the distributions of species and habitats (two undergraduates working under the direction of Dr. Margomenou and Professor Foufopoulos.

5. UROP: Chalkidiki Peninsula Archaeological Project, compilation of bibliography of pertinent archaeological reports and publications on the region of Olynthos. Student Kostantinos Demetral-Modern Greek/Archaeology); Faculty Dr. Margomenou and Professor Lisa Nevett.

University of Michigan
Department of Classical Studies
2160 Angell Hall
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109-1003

(734) 936-6099
Fax: (734) 763-4959

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Window to Greek Culture

Courses Offered

Modern Greek Language:

Beginning Language I - 8

Beginning Language II - 9

Intermediate Language I - 16

Intermediate Language II - 13

Advanced Intermediate Language I - 6

Beginning Conversation - 10

Intermediate Conversation - 6

Advanced Intermediate Conversation - 11

Literature and Culture:

Greek American Culture - 39

Athens Present and Past - 25

Comparative Literature - Travels to Greece - 27

Comparative Literature - Greek Myth in Film - 28

Classical Archaeology - Archaeology & the Public: Archaeology & Heritage in a Globalized World - 20

Activism and Greek Heritage in Times of Crisis: Learning Modern Greek Through Ethnographic Exploration in Thessaloniki and Lemnos, May 17-June 7, 2013

Courses taught in other areas in Modern Greek Studies

Anthropology; History; Political Science; International, European, or Balkan Studies; regularly taught graduate courses; Study Abroad options

Classical Civilization 121 Odysseys (Freshman Writing Seminar) - 17


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