Modern Greek Studies Association

Harvard University


Year Program Established: 1978 (18__)
Approximate Number of Students Enrolled (per academic term): 60

Level of Program Offered (and when established):

undergraduate level elective courses (1978)
graduate level elective courses (1978)
B.A. (special concentration) Ph.D. (1986)


Full Time Faculty:
Prof. Panagiotis Roilos, Directorexternal

Dr. Margaret B. Alexiou, Professor Emeritus
Dr. Michael F. Herzfeld, Professor
Calliope Dourou Preceptor in Modern Greek


Sponsoring Departments/Administrative Entities:

Department of the Classics
Anthropology Department
Comparative Literature Department
Folklore and Mythology
Study of Religion
Women's Studies

Does the program offer financial support to students? Yes
Does the institution offer financial support to students? Yes

Harvard University
Department of the Classics
319 Boylston Hall
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138 USA

(617) 495-5216
(617) 495-7783 or (617) 495-4027
Fax: (617) 496-6720

Department website

Courses Offered


Elementary Modern Greek (two terms)
Intermediate Modern Greek (two terms)


Advanced Modern Greek
Greek Ritual Songs
Greek Wondertales
Greek Perspectives on the Novel

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Additional Areas:

Introduction to Modern Greek Culture
Modern Greek and Egyptian Crossings

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