Modern Greek Studies Association

Saffo Papantonopoulou

Ph.D. Candidate (Dual)

University of Arizona
Departments of Anthropology and Middle Eastern Studies

B.A. History, Brown University, 2008
M.A. Anthropology, New School for Social Research 2014

Principal Presentations and Publications

2019 “Space, Time, and Bodies: Transgender Sexuality and Temporality in Post-Ottoman Thessaloniki,” Modern Greek Studies Association Symposium, Sacramento, CA.

2017 Review: Queering Sexualities in Turkey: Gay Men, Male Prostitutes and the City, by Cenk Özbay, in Middle East Media and Book Reviews Online. 

2017 “Bodies and Differences: Transgender Sex Work and the Cultural Politics of Orientalism in Post-Ottoman Thessaloniki,” Modern Greek Studies Association Symposium, Stockton University, Stockton, NJ.

2017 “Between Genos and Gender: Transgender thoughts on “Greekness” from the diaspora,” Invited speaker at The New Queer Greece conference at Oxford University.

2016 Conference Steering Committee: Trans* Studies Conference, University of Arizona. Presenting: “Trans-ing the Post-Ottoman: Nationalism, Subject Formation, and the limits of Historicism in Trans Studies”

2015 “‘When Are You Not An Anthropologist?’” in Arizona Anthropologist.

2014 “Even a Freak Like You Would Be Safe in Tel Aviv:’ Transgender Subjects, Wounded Attachments, and the Zionist Economy of Gratitude,” in Meena Alexander, Rosalind Petchesky, eds., Women’s Studies Quarterly, special issue on Debt, March 2014.

School of Anthropology
1009 East South Campus Drive
Tucson, AZ 85721

Department website

Personal page

Areas of Specialization

Historical Anthropology, Ottoman legacy, Transgender studies, Queer studies, Temporality, Modernity, Nationalism

Courses taught in Modern Greek Studies

MENAS 389- Middle Eastern Ethnic and Religious Minorities (including materials on Greece, Cyprus, and the Balkans), University of Arizona


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