Modern Greek Studies Association

Dr. Constance V. Tagopoulos

Assistant Professor and Coordinator

Queens College, City University of New York
Department of European Languages and Literatures


Ph.D. 1996 in Comparative Literature, CUNY, Graduate Center

Principal Publications

"Scapegoating and the Barbarization of the Female in the Discourse of Greek Culture," Classical Bulletin, upcoming.

A Century of Greek Poetry: 1900-2000. Ed. By Peter Bien, Peter Constantine, Edmund Keeley, Karen Van Dyck. Athens, 2004. Bilingual. (Includes five poems and two translations).

The Future of the Greek Language and Culture in the United States: Survival in the Diaspora.. A Report from the Archbishop's Commission on Greek Language and Hellenic Culture. New York: Greek Orthodox Archdiocese, 1999 (co-authored).

“Nature, Love and the Rhetoric of Justice in Modern Greek Literature.” Journal of Modern Hellenism, Nos. 12-13, 1995-1996.

"Joyce and Homer: Return, Disguise, and Recognition in 'Ithaca'". In Joyce in Context. Vincent J. Cheng and Timothy Martin, eds. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1992.

Comments and Additional Information

Holds a B.A. in Comparative Literature and Psychology from Fordham University and a Ph.D. in Comparative Literature from CUNY, Graduate Center. Has taught at New York University and Fordham and at several departments and Programs at Queens College. Her conference presentations range from classical and modern Greek literature to the modernists. Has given over twenty radio and TV interviews on issues related to Greek literature and education; speaks, reads, writes in Greek, English, French, Spanish, and Italian and is the recipient of several honors and awards, among which "The President's Award for Excellence in Teaching for Adjunct Faculty" (Queens College, 1996). She serves on a number of College and Departmental Committees and her Community service includes membership to "The Archbishop's Commission on Education and Hellenic Culture." Founding member of the New York Branch of the Societé Internationale Les Amis de Nikos Kazantzakis. Presently working on a book-length study: The Poetics of Time. Born in Athens, Greece, and living in New York since 1965.

Queens College, City University of New York
Department of European Languages and Literatures, King Hall 207
15-30 Kissena Blvd.
Flushing, NY 11367

(718) 997-5980 (Department Office)
(718) 997-5072 (F)

(718) 997-5581 (Office)


Areas of Specialization

European and Greek Prose and Poetry (Classical and Modern)
The Epic Tradition (Classical and Modern, European and Greek)
James Joyce
Modern Greek Language and Culture

Courses Taught in Modern Greek Studies

Modern Greek courses include:

Survey of Modern Greek Literature I: Eighteenth Century to 1880
Survey of Modern Greek Literature II: 1880 to 1930
Survey of Modern Greek Literature III: 1930 to Present
Sixteen Century Cypriot and Cretan Poetry
Modern Greek Literature in Translation
Modern Greek Culture and Civilization
Modern Greek Translation
Modern Greek Language Courses (four levels)
Modern Greek Poets
Literature of Protest and Wartime

Courses with a strong Greek component co-listed with Comparative Literature:

The Ulysses Theme
Memory and Love in Plato, Joyce, and Seferis
Women, Phantoms, and Barbarians: The Discourse of Denial
Great Books I (from antiquity to the Middle Ages)
Great Books II (from the Middle Ages to today)

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