Modern Greek Studies Association

Susan Buck Sutton

Senior Advisor for International Initiatives, Bryn Mawr College

Chancellor’s Professor of Anthropology Emerita, Indiana University

Associate Vice President for International Affairs Emerita, Indiana University


Ph.D. 1978 Anthropology, University of North Carolina

M.A. 1973 Anthropology, University of North Carolina

A.B. 1969 Anthropology, Bryn Mawr College

Principal Publications

2010 Archaeology in Situ:Sites, Archaeology, and Communities in Greece. Harvard University Series in Greek Studies: Interdisciplinary Perspectives.  Lanham MD: Lexington Press.  (Anna Stroulia & Susan Buck Sutton, editors).  

2000 Contingent Countryside: Settlement, Economy and Land Use in the Southern Argolid Since 1700.  Stanford University Press.  (Susan Buck Sutton, editor) 

1995 Constructed Meanings: Form and Process in Greek Architecture . Special Edition of The Modern Greek Studies Yearbook, Vol. 11.  (Eleftherios Pavlides & Susan Buck Sutton, editors)

2009 “Archaeological Sites and Local Places: Connecting the Dots.” Special Issue of Public Archaeology 8: 124-140, Yannis Hamilakis and Aris Anagnostopoulos, eds. (Anna Stroulia & Susan Buck Sutton).

2008 “The Ruins of Engagement: Rural Landscapes and Greek-American Immigration.” The New Griffon 10: 5-12.

2001  “A Temple Worth Seeing: Pausanias, Travelers, and the Narrative Landscape at Nemea” In S.E. Alcock & J. Elsner, eds., Pausanias: Travel and Imagination in Roman Greece.  Oxford University Press, pp. 175-189.

1999 “Family Ties: Marriage, Migration, and Community in 19th and 20th Century Greece.” In H. Psomiades, S.J. Tsemberis, H. J. Psomiades, & A. Karpathakis, eds., Greek American Families: Traditions and Transformations ,  Queens College, Modern Greek Research Series, Vol. 8. New York: Pella, pp. 95-115.

1999 “Fleeting Villages, Moving Households: Greek Housing Strategies in Historical Perspective.” In Donna Birdwell-Pheasant & Denise Lawrence-Zuniga, eds.,   House Life: Space, Place and Family in Europe .  Oxford: Berg Pub., pp. 73-103.

1997 “Disconnected Landscapes: Ancient Sites, Travel Guides, and Local Identity in Modern Greece.” Anthropology of Eastern Europe Review 15: 27-34.

1995 “The Making of an Ancient Site: the Accounts of Travellers, Farmers, and Archaeologists in Nineteenth Century Nemea.” Simeion Anaforas (Point of Reference)  3: 14-21.

1994 "Settlement Patterns, Settlement Perceptions: Rethinking the Greek Village", In N. Kardulias, ed., Beyond the Site: Regional Studies in the Aegean Area , University Press of America. pp. 313-335.

1991 "Settlement, Population and Economy in Post-Revolutionary Keos". In J. Cherry, J.L. Davis, & E. Mantzourani, eds., Landscape Archaeology as Long-term History: Northern Keos in the Cycladic Islands , University of California at Los Angeles Archaeological Monograph Series. pp. 383-402.

1988 "What Is a `Village' in a Nation of Migrants?" Journal of Modern Greek Studies 6: 187-215.

1986  "Home and Work: New Choices for Female Migrants in Athens". Journal of Modern Greek Studies 4: 33-49.

1985  "Women's Work in Nafplio, 1920-1940". Ethnohistory 32: 343-362.

1983  "Rural-Urban Migration in Greece".  In Michael Kenny & David Kertzer, eds., Urban Life in Mediterranean Europe , University of Illinois Press, pp. 225-249.

Office of the President
Bryn Mawr College
101 N. Merion Avenue
Bryn Mawr PA 19010

610 – 526 – 5158

Areas of Specialization

Anthropology of modern Greece

Migration, settlement, and construction of community

Travel and tourism

Social context of archaeology

Historical demography

Courses Taught in Modern Greek Studies

Modern Greece: Images and Realities (Indiana University)

Encountering Modern Greece (service-learning course on Paros, for CYA)

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