Modern Greek Studies Association

Dr. Charles W. Stewart


University College London
Department of Anthropology


D.Phil. 1987 Oxford University (Anthropology)
Dip. Soc. Anth. 1980 Oxford University (Anthropology)
B.A. 1978 Brandeis University (English, Classics)

Principal Publications

'Ethnographies of Historicity', (Eric Hirsch, co-editor), History and Anthropology (Special Issue), vol.16, 3, 2005.

‘No History without Culture’ (co-authored with Simon Hornblower), Anthropological Quarterly, 78, 2005, pp. 269-277.

"Ritual Dreams and Historical Orders: Incubation Between Paganism and Christianity", in P. Roilos and D. Yatromanolakis (eds), Greek Ritual Poetics, Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 2004.

"Dreams of Treasure: Temporality, Historicization and the Unconscious", Anthropological Theory, 3(2003): 481-500.

"Immanent or Eminent Domain? Church vs. State in Greece" in R. Layton, P. Stone and J. Thomas (eds), The Destruction and Conservation of Cultural Property, London: Routledge, 2001, pp. 182-98.

"Fields in Dreams: Anxiety, Experience and the Limits of Social Constructionism in Greek Dream Narratives", American Ethnologist, 24(1997): 877-894.

University College London
Department of Anthropology
London WCIE 6BT
United Kingdom

(020) 7679 2449

Areas of Specialization

History and Anthropology
Psychological Anthropology

Courses Taught in Modern Greek Studies

Anthropology of the Mediterranean
Theory and Method in History and Anthropology

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