Modern Greek Studies Association

Dr. Vassiliki Rapti

Director of The Advanced Training in Greek Poetry Translation & Performance Workshop and Adjunct Faculty, Department of WPL, Emerson College

Program of Modern Greek Studies, Dept. of the Classics


Ph.D. in Comparative Literature with an Emphasis in Drama from Washington University, St. Louis, MO (2006)

M.A., English, University of Missouri-St. Louis (2000)

D.E.A. Études Neohelleniques, University of Paris IV-Sorbonne (1993)

Certificate, French Language and Literature, University of Paris IV-Sorbonne & I.NA.L.C.O. (1993-1996)

B.A., Medieval and Modern Greek Literature, National & Kapodistrian University of Athens (1988) 

Principal Publications


Ludics in Surrealist Theatre and Beyond (Farnham, UK/ Burlington, VT: Ashgate, 2013)
Αέρας, νερό, γη, φωτιά στην ποίηση του Νίκου Εγγονόπουλου (Air, Water, Earth, Fire, in the Poetry of Nikos Engonopoulos) (Thessaloniki: Rome Publications, 2015)
“The Hotel the Falling Night” by Nanos Valaoritis: A Modern Romeo and Juliet (Boston: Somerset Hall Press, under contract)
The Oedipus Plays by Nanos Valaoritis: A Critical Edition. (Thessaloniki: Rome Publications, under contract)

Chapters in Books

“For 20 Quid: Nanos Valaoritis’s Attitude Towards Money.” The Shining of Money: Modern Greek Literature and Money from the Renaissance to the Dawn of the 21st Century.” George Pefanis ed., Athens: Foundation of Kostas and Eleni Ourani (forthcoming)

“Two Contemporary Adaptations of Euripides’ Medea.” Her Art: Greek and Greek-American Women in the Arts.” Ed. Diane Touliatos (Verlang, 2011)

Selected Articles

“La scène ludique du ‘Théâtre Alfred Jarry,’ L’Annuaire théâtral (forthcoming).
“The Return of Surrealism in the film “Capsule” by Athena Rachel Tsangari.”(forthcoming, Journal of Greek Studies of Australia and New Zealand).
“The Noose within The Noose: An Endless Mise en abîme as a Tribute to Théo Angelopoulos.” Journal of Greek Media and Culture (forthcoming).
“Either of the Height or of the Depth”: Nanos Valaoritis’s De-stereotyping of the “Greeks” in the Time of Crisis. Journal of Greek Studies of Australia and New Zealand (forthcoming).
“Greek film festivals as a diasporic institution in the United States of America: A comparative account.” Journal of Greek Media and Culture (forthcoming).

“Oedipus King/Oedipus Pig: Nanos Valaoritis’s Ludic Politics.” Text & Presentation, 2015: The Comparative Drama Conference Series, (Jefferson, North Carolina and London: McFarland) (forthcoming)

“What is the Matter with Karen Finley? Bo(aw)dy Politics and the Representation of Women as Matter” Theatre Polis: An Interdisciplinary Journal for Theatre and the Arts. 1, 2014: 84-92.

“Olga Taxidou’s Medea: A World Apart: Tbilisi, 1997.” Text & Presentation, 2005: The Comparative Drama Conference Series, 2 (Jefferson, North Carolina and London: McFarland): 81-92 

“Reconsidering Surrealist Theatre: The Case of Nanos Valaoritis’s Les Tables Rondes.” Text & Presentation, 2004: The Comparative Drama Conference Series, 1. (Jefferson, North Carolina and London: McFarland): 110-118

“Surrealist Ludics in Nanos Valaorits’s Les Tables Rondes. The Charioteer: An Annual Review of Modern Greek Literature.” 43 (2005): 99-113

“La dynamique du sacrifice chez Racine: Andromaque-Bérénice-Iphigénie.” Theatron 2 (Spring 2003): 39-54

Book Reviews

“Olga Taxidou's Modernism and Performance: Jarry to Brecht.” Journal of Modern Greek Studies (May 2009) 

Walter Puchner. Poetry and Myth in the Plays of Vasilis Ziogas (2004). Journal of Modern Greek Studies (October 2007)

Editorial Work

Transitorium: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Literary Criticism. Co-editor with Vrasidas Karalis and Elisavet Arseniou (forthcoming)
Theatron (Fall 2002), (Spring 2003), (Fall 2003), (Spring 2004), (Fall 2004-Spring 2005)

Poetry Collections

Transfusions (London: Musica Ferrum, forthcoming)
Subito (London: Musica Ferrum, forthcoming)
Bathed in Moonlight (under review)
Transitorium (Boston: Somerset Hall Press, 2015)
IA Songs with Kostas Rekleitis (London: Musica Ferrum, 2015)
Glosopaidies (s) Games: A Poetry Collection with 10 Drawings by Nanos Valaoritis (Γλωσσοπαιδιές: Συλλογή Ποιημάτων μe 10 σχέδια του Νάνου Βαλαωρίτη) (2014)
A Tear in the Ocean (Ένα Δάκρυ στον Ωκεανό: Συλλογή Ποιημάτων) (1998, B’ Prize of the Parnassos Panhellenic Poetry Contest) (1998)

Language(s) Games: A Poetry Collection with 10 Drawings by Nanos Valaoritis (Γλωσσοπαιδιές: Συλλογή Ποιημάτων μe 10 σχέδια του Νάνου Βαλαωρίτη

Ένα Δάκρυ στον Ωκεανό: Συλλογή Ποιημάτων (A Tear in the Ocean: A Poetry Collection) (B’ Prize, 1998 Parnassos Panhellenic Poetry Competition), 1998

Poetry in Peer-reviewed Literary Reviews

“Five poems: From the new unpublished poetry collection Bathed in Moonlight”, Stachtes, December, 24, 2015.
“Our Ludic Music: Performing Poetry and Music as an Ongoing Ludic Creative Process”, Levure Littéraire, No 11, October/November/December 2015
“Ο καθρέπτης της Ιοκάστης,” “Σαπφικοί παφλασμοί,” Theuth, No 1, October 2015.
“De-ontological,” “Spleen,” “Needles,” and “Trauerspiel.” Levure Littéraire, No 10, October/November/December 2014
“Σαπφικόν,” “Sapphic,” and “Transitorium.” Poetix, Spring/Summer 2014
“Ο Χορευτής στο Ακρογιάλι”,“Επιθαλάμιο.” “Λευκό Πανί», “Πάνω στο καράβι που διασχίζει τη Λίμνη Χσίε”, Μινώταυρος ο Έγκλειστος» Poeticanet, No 21, 2014:

Poetry Readings and Performances

“Subito.” Music by Kostas Rekleitis, International Fringe Festival, Edinburgh, UK (August 2014)
“Medea Jazz” Music by Kostas Rekleitis, International Fringe Festival, Edinburgh, UK (August 2013)
“Yalophilia”: Lyrics by Vassiliki Rapti and Ivaana Muse; Music by Ivaana Muse.
Poetry Reading in Thessaloniki, Society of Greek Authors of Northern Greece,
June 17, 2015.
Poetry Reading with Cecilia Woloch, Istanbul, Turkey, June 25, 2015.
Poetry Reading in Athens, July 23, 2015
Poetry Reading with Peter Boteas, Manhattan, New York, Greek-American Authors’ Association, December 12, 2015.
Transitorium and IA Songs tour with Kostas Rekleitis, Yannis Filias, Stella Markou, Yorgos Liakos, Maroulia Kontou in Paros, Naxos and Athens in the summer of 2015.


Vassiliki Rapti. “On Boxes”: An interview with sculptor Andreas Lolis, Paros, June 28, 2015 (forthcoming)
Vassiliki Rapti. “Από την Αναπαράσταση στη Θηλειά: Συνέντευξη του σκηνοθέτη Βασίλη Λουλέ στη Βασιλική Ράπτη. Καίμπριτζ, 1η Μαΐου, 2014, πριν την προβολή της ταινίας Θηλειά στο πανεπιστήμιο του Χάρβαρντ” [“From Reconstruction to The Noose: Interview of the director Vassilis Loules by Vassiliki Rapti. Cambridge, May 1st 2014, before the projection of the film The Noose at Harvard University]. Chronos 17. Sept. 2014. Web. 2 Nov. 2014.

Selected DVD Series in Greek Language Instruction

Image and Logos in the Poetry of Nobel-Laureate George Seferis with Visual Artist Maria Zervos at the Arts at 29 Garden, (President and Fellows of Harvard University, 2015)

Poetry Made By All: A Language Workshop with Fulbright Artist Maria Zervos at the Arts at 29 Garden, Harvard University” (President and Fellows of Harvard University, 2014)

Iphigenia Chorus Project in Collaboration with the Language Resource Center (President and Fellows of Harvard University, 2009)

Metamorphoses I in Collaboration with the Arthur Sackler Museum (President and Fellows of Harvard University, 2010)

Metamorphoses II: Through the Eyes of a Soldier in Collaboration with the Arthur Sackler Museum (President and Fellows of Harvard University, 2010)

Electronic Course Sites for Modern Greek Language Instruction at Harvard

I-site for Modern Greek A in Collaboration with the Advanced Technology Group 

I-site for Modern Greek B in Collaboration with the Advanced Technology Group

I-site for Modern Greek Poetry in Collaboration with the Woodberry Poetry Room


Department Website

Complete CV

Courses Taught in Modern Greek Studies

Games, Theory, Literature (Emerson College-Spring 2016)
Advanced Modern Greek 100: Special Topic: “Narratives of the Greek Crisis: Texts, Cinema, Performance” (Harvard - Spring 2016)
Prior years
Modern Greek for Heritage Speakers
An Introduction to Greek Cinema
Modern Greek Theatre
Introduction to the Poetry of Nobel Laureate George Seferis
Modern Greek Through Literature and Cinema
“Modern Greek A, B, Advanced
The Cinema of Theo Angelopoulos
An Introduction to Modern Greek Cinema
Modern Greek for Travelers

Areas of Specialization

Dr. Rapti's publications and research interests center upon literary theory, especially ludic theory, comparative literature and contemporary world literature, avant-garde theatre and performance with an emphasis in Surrealism and classical reception studies, Modern Greek literature, theater, and cinema, poetry translation, and creative writing.  She also conducts research on Modern Greek language pedagogy with a focus on teaching with technology. She was a keynote speaker at the Missouri Modern Languages and Modern Technologies (MO3) Conference in June 2009. She has published and delivered a range of papers on her current research topics on Ludics in surrealist theatre and contemporary adaptations of Greek drama, Greek theatre, cinema and literature, as well as on innovative, creativity-driven, approaches to teaching Modern Greek as a Second Language. 

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