Modern Greek Studies Association

Dr. Christine M Philliou


University of California Berkeley


Ph.D. Princeton University 2004

M.A. Princeton University  1998

Principal Publications


Turkey: A Past Against History University of California Press, 2021

Biography of an Empire: Practicing Ottoman Governance in the Age of Revolutions (University of California Press 2009)

Scholarly Articles

“The Armenian Genocide and the Politics of Knowledge,” in PublicBooks, May 2015

“The Ottoman Empire and the Imperial Turn,” Comparative Studies in Society and History, 2012

”Communities on the Verge: Unraveling the Phanariot Ascendancy in Ottoman Governance,” in Comparative Studies in Society and History, 2009.

”The Paradox of Perceptions: Interpreting the Ottoman Past through the National Present,” in Middle Eastern Studies, September 2008.

”A Tale of Two Cities and an Archive,” in International Journal of Turkish Studies, Fall 2008.

”Mischief in the Old Regime: Provincial Dragomans and Social Change at the Turn of the 19th Century,” in New Perspectives on Turkey, vol. 25, 2001.

3224 Dwinelle Hall
Department of History
University of California Berkeley
Berkeley, CA 94720


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Department Website

Areas of Specialization

Political, social, and cultural history of the Ottoman Empire and the modern states of Greece and Turkey
comparative empires
Balkan and Middle East history
literature and politics

Courses Taught in Modern Greek Studies

Seminar: Culture and Migration in the Eastern Mediterranean, 1800-2000

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