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Stratis Papaioannou

Associate Professor of Classics

Brown University

Dept. of Classics


Ph.D. 2000 University of Vienna (Byzantine Studies)

B.A. 1995 University of Athens (Greek Philology)

Principal Publications


Michael Psellos: Rhetoric and Authorship in Byzantium (Cambridge University Press, 2013).

Articles (selected):

“Μιχαήλ Ψελλός: στα όρια της ρητορικής και της λογοτεχνίας.” In T. Lounges and E. Kislinger, Βυζάντιο. Ιστορία και πολιτισμός (Athens: Ηρόδοτος) (in press).

“Anna Komnene’s Will.” In: D. Sullivan (University of Maryland), E. Fisher (George Washington University), and S. Papaioannou, Byzantine Religious Culture: Studies in Honor of Alice-Mary Talbot (Leiden and Boston: Brill, 2011) 99-121.

“Michael Psellos on Friendship and Love: Erotic Discourse in Eleventh-Century Constantinople.” In: Early Medieval Europe 19.1 (2011) 43-61.

“Byzantine Mirrors: Self-Reflection in Medieval Greek Writing.” In Dumbarton Oaks Papers 64 (2010) 1-21.

“The Aesthetics of History: From Theophanes to Eustathios.” In: R. Macrides (ed.), History as Literature in Byzantium: Papers from the Fortieth Spring Symposium of Byzantine Studies, The Centre for Byzantine, Ottoman and Modern Greek Studies of the University of Birmingham April 2007 (Aldershot: Ashgate Variorum, 2010) 3-21.

“Letter-Writing.” In: P. Stephenson (ed.), The Byzantine World (London and New York: Routledge, 2010) 188-199.

“Letters regarding Psellos’ Family.” In: A. Kaldellis with contributions by D. Jenkins and S. Papaioannou, Mothers and Sons, Fathers and Daughters: The Byzantine Family of Michael Psellos (Michael Psellos in Translation; Notre Dame, Ind.: University of Notre Dame Press, 2006) 167-178.

48 College Street
Providence RI



Areas of Specialization

Byzantine Literature, Manuscript Cultures

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