Modern Greek Studies Association

Dr. Zoë Lefkofridi

Associate Professor of Comparative Politics

Department of Political Science
University of Salzburg


2017 Habilitation for the venia docendi in Political Science and Political Sociology, University of Salzburg

2009 University of Vienna, Institute for Political Science: Dr. Phil (distinction). 

2007 Institute for Advanced Studies (IHS), Vienna: Postgraduate Diploma in Political Science & 

European Integration. 

2004 Diplomatic Academy of Vienna: MA in Advanced International Studies (MAIS) (distinction). 

2003 College of Europe- Bruges: MA in European Political & Administrative Studies. 

2002 Deree College, Athens: Studies in Politics and International Relations 
& University of Athens, School of Philosophy: Ptychion in Theatre Studies.

Principal Presentations and Publications

(selected articles & chapters)

1. Lefkofridi, Z. and Katsanidou, A. Multilevel Representation in the European Parliament, European Union Politics (SSCI-Indexed) forthcoming. 

2. Lefkofridi, Z., Wagner, M. and Willmann, J. Left-Authoritarians and Policy Representation in Western Europe: Electoral Choice across Ideological Dimensions, West European Politics (SSCI-Indexed) forthcoming. 

3.Lefkofridi, Z. and Casado-Asensio, J. 2012. European Vox Radicis: Representation and Policy Congruence on the Extremes. Comparative European Politics 11: 93- 118 (SSCI-Indexed). 

4.Lefkofridi, Z. and Kritzinger, S. 2008: Battles fought in the EP arena: Developments in National Parties’ Euro-manifestos. Austrian Journal of Political Science 37(3): 273- 296 (SSCI-Indexed).

6. Lefkofridi, Z. 2009. Europeanization of national political parties. In: Konstantinidis, J., Marantzidis, N. and Pappas, T. (eds) Parties and Politics in Greece: Contemporary Developments. Athens: Kritiki: 76-100. 

7. Gemenis, K. and Lefkofridi, Z. 2013: The Europeanization of Greece: A Critical Assessment. In Mannin, M. and Bretherton, C. (eds). The Europeanization of European Politics. Europe in Transition Series, Palgrave Macmillan: 95-108.

Dept. of Political Science
Rudolfskai 42
5020 Salzburg

+39 0 554648628

Department website



Areas of Specialization

Democracy, Representation & Inequality in Europe
Political Parties

Courses Taught in Modern Greek Studies

European Politics
Europeanization of Political Parties
European Elections
EU Institutions

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