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Dr Margaret E. Kenna

Emeritus Professor

University of Wales Swansea (United Kingdom)
Sociology & Anthropology
School of Social Sciences and International Development


Ph.D. 1971 University of Kent at Canterbury (U.K.)

Principal Publications

2015. Rituals of forgiveness and structures of remembrance: memorial services and bone-depositories on the island of Anafi, Greece, History of Religions 54, 3: 225-259. 

2015. “From ‘here and now’ to ‘then and there’: reflections on fieldwork photography in the 1960s.” Ch 13, pp. 277-293 In Camera Graeca: Photographs, Narratives, Materialities (eds. Philip Carabott, Yannis Hamilakis and Eleni Papargyriou. Ashgate: Farnham.

2015. ‘Changing relationships and differing perspectives: folklore and social anthropology on Anafi’, in Στέφανος Δ.Ήμελλος & Margaret Kenna, Ανάφη: από λαογραφική, διαλεκτολογική και κοινωνικοανθρωπολογική άποψη, [Anafi: from folkloric, etymological and social-anthropological perspectives]. Σειρά Πηγές του Λαϊκού Πολιτισμού, αρ. 10 [Series: Sources of Folkloric Culture # 10], KEEL [Kentro Ellenikon Erevnon Laografia – Hellenic Greek Folklore Research Center] Αθήνα 2015,σελ. 288.

2012. The ‘beanpole family’: cultural aspects of ‘the demographic crisis’ in Greece, South European Society and Politics, vol. 17, 4: 533-551. DOI:10.1080/13608746.2011.628781

2012. Utopia in Exile. Shout as a State of Mind: Shout/ Politics. [Greek arts and culture publication] Winter/ Spring 2013, pp 126-129. ISSN 2241-3901.

2010. ‘Preface’ in Vasiliki Kravva “Tell me what you eat and I’ll tell you if you are Jewish”: Food and Discourses of identity among Thessalonikan Jews. VDM Verlag Mueller.

2010. ‘Foreword’, pp.xiii-xxiv, in Julie Scott & Tom Selwyn (eds) Thinking through Tourism. ASA Monograph 46. Berg: Oxford & New York.

2009. Apollo and the Virgin: the changing meanings of a sacred site on Anafi. History and Anthropology, vol 20, no 4: 485-508. ISSN 1275-7206.

2009. The present becomes the past: photographs of Anafi from the 1960s. Invited submission to Benaki Museum Journal vol 8, 2008 (published December 2009): 123-136. ISSN 1109-4109

2008. ‘Conformity, humour and parody: handwritten newspapers from an exiles’ commune, 1938-1943’. Journal of Modern Greek Studies 26, 1:115-157.

2008. Ονοματοδοσια, κληρονομια και η μοιρα της ψυχης σκεψεις για τη συνεχηση και την αλλαγη των συμβολικων πρακτικων σ’ενα κυκλαδιτικο νηση - ‘Onomatodosia, klironomia kai I moira tis psihis: skepseis gia ti sinehisi kai tin allagi ton simvolikon praktikon s’ena kikladitiko nisi’ =‘Naming, inheritance and the fate of the soul’, pp205-230 in: Ανθρωπολογια και Συμβολισμος στην Ελλαδα - Anthropologia kai Simvolismos stin Ellada = Anthropology and Symbolism in Greece, edited Eleutherios Alexakis et al. Athens: Elleniki Etaireia Ethnologias [Greek Society for Ethnology]. ISBN 978-960-87468-2-4.

2006. ‘The transformation of a peripheral community: a pilot study’, end-of-award report for ESRC (RES-000-22-1641. Accepted, rated ‘outstanding’, and posted on the ESRC Society Today website.

2005. ‘Presentacio del dossier’ [introduction to special issue on the anthropology of the senses] Revista d'Etnologia de Catalunya 26 (Abril 2005): 6-7. ISSN 1132-6581.

2005. ‘Antropologia de les olors a la Grecia ortodoxa = The anthropology of smell meets Greek Orthodoxy”, Revista d'Etnologia de Catalunya 26 (Abril 2005): 8-23. ISSN


2005. ‘Antropologia dels sentits: seleccio bibliografica = select bibliography on the anthropology of the senses, with short introduction’ (with references in Catalan contributed by Cristina Larrea), Revista d'Etnologia de Catalunya 26 (Abril 2005): 148-150. ISSN 1132-6581.

2005 d. ‘Why does incense smell religious? The anthropology of smell meets Greek Orthodoxy’, Journal of Mediterranean Studies 15, 1: 51-70. ISSN:1016-3476.

2004. Αντιφρονουντες και κοινωνικη οργανωση φυλακη εξορια και στρατοπεδο συνκεντρωσης ‘Antifronountes kai koinoniki organosi: filaki, eksoria kai stratopedo sinkentrosis = Political dissent and social organisation: prison, exile and concentration camp’, pp 308-320 in: Hagen Fleischer (ed.) Η Ελλαδα ’36-49. Απο τη Δικτατορια στον Εμφυλιο. Τομες και Συνεχειες. I Ellada ‘36-’49. Apo ti Diktatoria ston Emfilio: Tomes kai Sinekheies = Greece ‘36-’49. From the Dictatorship to the Civil War: Continuities and Discontinuities. Athens: Kastanioti. [copies dated 2003, actually published February 2004] ISBN 960-03-3645-8.

2004. Η κοινωνικη οργανωση στην εξοριας πολιτικοι κρατουμενοι στο μεσοπολεμο I koinoniki organosi stin eksorias: politikoi kratoumeni sto mesopolemo = The Social Organisation of Exile [Greek translation of an updated and revised version of 2001a], Athens: Alexandreia Press. ISBN: 960-221-271-3.

2004. Η ποικιλιες της ανθρωπολογικης εμπειριας πενηντα χρονια επιτοπιας ερευνας και ασκησης στην Ελλαδα ‘I poikilies tis anthropologikis empeirias: peninta khronia epitopias erevnas kai askisis stin Ellada = The varieties of anthropological experience: fifty years of fieldwork and theory in Greece’, pp117-135 in: E. Alexakis et al. (eds.) Οπσεις της ανθρωπολογιης σκεψεις και ερευνας στην Ελλαδα - Opseis tis anthropologies skepsis kai erevnas stin Ellada= Perspectives on anthropological theory and research in Greece. Elleniki Etaireia Ethnologias [Greek Society for Ethnology]]: Athens. ISBN 960-87468-1-7.

2004. Ησηγηση Isigisi = Introduction, to: Maria Courti, Oi Katoikies tis Anafis = The Countryside Houses of Anafi. Ministry of the Aegean: Mytilene [March 2004].

2004e. Ενας τοπος εξοριας ομαδες συμβιωσεις κολλεκτιβες και ατομα στην Αναφη -‘Enas topos eksorias: omades simviosis, kollektives kai atoma stin Anafi = An island of exile: communes, collectives and individuals on Anafi’. in: A. Argiriou (ed.) Η Ελλαδα των νησιων απο τη Φραγοκρατια ως σημερα - I Ellada ton nision apo ti Frangokratia os simera = Greece of the islands from the Venetian Occupation to today. Tomos B (Vol 2): 265-270. Praktika tou B Evropaikou Sinedrioiu neoellinikon Spoudon, Rethimnon May 2002 = European Association of Modern Greek Studies conference, Rethimnon (Crete), May 2002. ISBN 960-406-736-2

2003. Η αναγεννηση και εκ νεου ανακαληψη της παραδωση: ενα παραδειγμα απο τις Κυκλαδες ‘I anayennisi kai ek neou anakalipsi tis paradosos: ena paradeigma apo tis Kiklades = The revival and reinvention of Greek island tradition: an example from the Cyclades’, pp. 361-367 in: Andromakhi Oikonomou (ed.) Το παρον του παρελθοντος ιστορια, λαογραφια, κοιωνικη ανθροπολογια - To paron tou parelthontos: istoria, laografia, koinoniki anthropologia = The present in the past: History, Folklore, Social Anthropology, Etaireia Spoudon: Athens. ISBN: 960-259-111-0.

2003. "The piglets that fell from the sky: some cautionary tales about Greek statistics", Journal of Mediterranean Studies 13 (1): 21-44. ISSN: 1016-3476.

2002. “Heroines, hysterics and ordinary women: representations of Greek women political exiles”, South European Society and Politics 2001, 6 (3): 1-29. ISSN: 1360-8746

2001. The Social Organisation of Exile: Greek Political Detainees in the 1930s, Harwood Academic Publishers. ISBN 90-5823-143-7.

2001. Greek Island Life: Fieldwork on Anafi, Harwood Academic Publishers.  ISBN90-5823-141-0 .

1995. "Saying `no' in Greece : some preliminary thoughts on hospitality, gender and the evil eye", pp 133-146 in: S Damianakos et al (eds) Les amis et les autres: Melanges en l'honneur de John Peristiany = Brothers and Others: essays in honour of John Peristiany, Athens : EKKE (Greek National Centre of Social Research). ISBN:960-7093-33-X

1993. "Return migrants and tourism development: an example from the Cyclades ", Journal of Modern Greek Studies 11: 60-74. ISSN: 0738-1727

1992. "Changing places and altered perspectives: research on a Greek island in the 60s and in the 80s", Ch 9, pp147-162 in: J Okely & H Callaway (eds) Anthropology and autobiography, Routledge (ASA Monographs 29). ISSN: 0-415-05189-4

1985. "Icons in theory and practice: an Orthodox Christian example", History of  Religions  24,4:345-368

1983. "Institutional and transformational migration and the politics of community: Greek internal migrants and their Migrants' Association", European Journal of Sociology 24:263-287

1976. "Houses, fields and graves: property and ritual obligations on a Greek island", Ethnology XV,1:21-34

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