Modern Greek Studies Association

Dr. Konstantia Kapetangianni

Senior Lecturer

University of North Texas

Department of Linguistics


Ph.D., University of Michigan, 2010, Linguistics.

M.A. 2003 Department of English Language and Literature, Eastern Michigan University (Linguistics)

B.A. 1993 Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece (French Language and Literature)

Principal Publications

1. Variable Word Order in Child Greek. 2010. In Merete Anderssen, Kristine Bentzen and Marit Westergaard (eds.), Variation in the Input: Studies in the Acquisition of Word Order, pp.179-205. Studies in Theoretical Psycholinguistics 39, Springer.

2. Control in Greek: It’s another good move. 2007. With T. Daniel Seely, in William D. Davies and Stanley Dubinsky (eds.), New Horizons in the Analysis of Control and Raising, pp.133-157. Studies in Natural Language and Linguistic Theory 71, Springer.

3. Comparative Correlatives in Greek: The Syntax of 'oso'. 2009. With H. L. Taylor, in Claire Halpert, Jeremy Hartman and David Hill (eds.), Proceedings of the 2007 Workshop in Greek Syntax and Semantics at MIT. MIT Working Papers in Linguistics 57.

4. The Development of Peripheral Positions in Early Child Grammars. 2007. In Heather Caunt-Nulton, Samantha Kulatilake, and I-hao Woo (eds.), Proceedings of the 31st Annual Boston University Conference on Language Development vol. 2, pp. 358 - 369.

5.The Development of Syntax-Pragmatics Connections in Early Child Grammars: Evidence from Greek. 2006. In Jacqueline Bunting, Sapna Desai, Robert Peachey, Christopher Straughn and Zuzana Tomkova (eds.), Proceedings from the Main Session of the 42nd Meeting of the Chicago Linguistic Society, Vol. 42-1, pp. 117-131.

Department of Linguistics
E297C Discovery Park UNT
3940 North Elm
Denton, TX 76203-5017 USA



Areas of Specialization

Syntactic Theory - Principles & Parameters, Minimalism.

Morpho - syntax of Modern Greek.

Language Acquisition: especially syntactic development of children speaking null subject languages. 



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