Modern Greek Studies Association

Dr. Nikolas P. Kakkoufa

Lecturer/Director of Undergraduate Studies for the Program in Hellenic Studies

Columbia University

Dept. of Classics


PhD. King’s College London, 2015
MA. University of Cyprus, 2010
BA. University of Cyprus, 2008

Principal Publications

“‘So skillfully mirrored in his art’: mirroring desire in Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray.” In: L. Diamantopoulou and M. Yerolemou, eds,. 2019. Mirrors and Mirroring: From Antiquity to the Early Modern Period. London: Bloomsbury Academic Press, pp. 93-103.

“Dangerous dreams and dubious visions in Kornaros' Erotokritos.” In Culture and Society in Crete: From Kornaros to Kazantzakis, (eds. Liana Giannakopoulou and E. Kostas Skordyles) Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Press, 2017: 33-66

‘Σατιρικά Γυμνάσματα: μια ιδιάζουσα εφαρμογή της ‘ποιητικής’ μεθόδου της ονοματοχρησίας’. [Satirical Exercises: the employment of the ‘poetic’ method of onomastics]. Proceedings of the Third Palamas International Scientific Conference, 22-26 of October 2013. Athens: Academy of Athens – Palamas Foundation. Volume A: 367-390.

Κάνοντας ‘βήματα πίσω’. Η Παραλογή του Μιχάλη Γκανά και το δημοτικό τραγούδι. In: A. Polimerou - Kamilaki, ed., 2013. Λαϊκός Πολιτισμός και έντεχνος λόγος (Ποίηση - Πεζογραφία - Θέατρο). (Athens: Athens Academy). Volume A: 471-482

Department of Classics
617 Hamilton Hall
1130 Amsterdam Avenue
Mail Code: 2861
New York NY 10027

212 854 3902

Department Website

Personal Website


Areas of Specialization

Modern Greek Studies
Comparative Literature
Classical Reception
Queer Studies

Courses Taught in Modern Greek Studies

Narratives of Mental Health in Greek Literature
How to do things with Homosexual Bodies
C. P. Cavafy and the poetics of desire 
Greece Today: Language, Literature, and Culture
Modern Greek Language (Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced)
Senior Research Seminar in Modern Greek Studies
Directed Readings in Modern Greek
Modern Greek for Classicists, Byzantinists and Art Historians

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