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Prof. Stathis Gourgouris


Columbia University
Institute of Comparative Literature and Society
Department of Classics
Department of English


Ph.D. 1990 UCLA (Comparative Literature)
M.A. 1984 UCLA (Comparative Literature)
B.A. 1981 UCLA (Independent Concentration in the Humanities)

Principal Publications


Lessons in Secular Criticism (Thinking Out Loud: the Sydney Lectures in Philosophy and Society) (Fordham University Press, 2013)

Freud and Fundamentalism, edited volume (Fordham University Press, 2010)

Does Literature Think? Literature as Theory for an Antimythical Era (Stanford University Press, 2003). Greek translation (Nefeli, 2005)

Dream Nation: Enlightenment, Colonization, and the Institution of Modern Greece (Stanford University Press, 1996). Greek translation (Kritike, 2007); Serbian translation (Belgrade Circle, 2004)

Articles (selected):

“Society Defended against Whom? Or in the Name of What?” New Philosopher 1 (June 2013)

“Every Religion Is Idolatry” Social Research 80:1 (Spring 2013), 101-128 [Special Issue on Political Theology? ]

“Confronting Heteronomy” in Cahiers Castoriadis 8 (June 2013), 17-43. [Special Issue on L’autonomie en practique(s), Sophie Klimis and Philippe Caumières eds.]

“Why I Am Not A Post-Secularist” boundary 2 40:1 (Spring 2013), 41-55

 “Archē in Political Concepts: A Critical Lexicon Vol. 2, Winter 2012 ; translated into Hebrew in Maftea’kh 6

 “Assembly Movements and the Deregulation of the Political” in PMLA 127:4 (October 2012), 1001-1005

Entries in Princeton Encyclopedia of Poetry and Poetics, Revised edition (Princeton University Press, 2012); on “Modern Greek Poetry” (p. 582-585) and “Poiēsis” (p. 1070-1072)

“Derealizations of the Ideal – Walcott Encounters Seferis” in boundary 2 39:2 (Summer 2012), 181-200

“Poetry’s Incalculable Account” in Manolis Anagnostakis: Poetry, Politics, Silence, and Agency in Post-War Greece, Vangelis Calotychos ed. (Fairleigh Dickinson Press, 2012), 105-114

 “The Poiein of Secular Criticism” in A Companion to Comparative Literature, Ali Behdad and Dominic Thomas eds. (Oxford: Blackwell, 2011), 75-87

“Recoil from the Real? Žižek out of Athens” in Psychoanalysis, Culture, and Society 16:3 (September 2011), 281-290

“On Self-Alteration” in Parrhesia 9 (Spring 2010), 1-17

“Autonomy, Self-Alteration, Sexual Difference” in Rewriting Difference: Luce Irigaray and ‘the Greeks’, Athena Athanassiou and Elena Tzelepis, eds. (Albany: SUNY Press, 2010), 135-148

“Detranscendentalizing the Secular”” and “Anti-Secularist Failures” in Public Culture 56 (Vol. 20:3, Fall 2008), 437-446; 453-460 [an exchange with Saba Mahmood]

“ Dialectique lyrique” in Europe 949 (May 2008), 119-137 [special issue on Adorno and Bloch, Michael Löwy and Max Blechman, eds.] – in French

“Poiein – Political Infinitive” in PMLA Volume 123 (1), March 2008 [Theories and Methodologies Forum on New Lyric Studies, Yopie Prins and Virginia Jackson eds.]

"Žižek’s Realism” essay commissioned as part of the DVD release of the film Slavoj Žižek: The Reality of the Virtual, produced by Ben Wright and Olive Films, 2007

“The Dream Reality of the Ruin” in Walter Benjamin and the Arcades Project, Andrew Benjamin and Beatrice Hanssen, ed. (New York: Continuum, 2006 – Walter Benjamin Studies Series, Vol. II), 201-224.

“Orientalism and the Open Horizon of Secular Criticism” in Social Text 87 (24:2), Summer 2006, 11-20 [Memorial Issue on Edward Said, Gyan Prakash and Ella Shohat, eds.] – [Greek translation in Approaching the Other: Ideology, Methodology, Hermeneutics, Yiannis Kyriakidis and Martha Michailidou eds., Athens: Metaichmio, 2006]

“The Politics of Anti-Americanism” in The Temptation of Empire, Polymeris Voglis, Yiannis Papatheodorou, Ioanna Laliotou, eds. (Athens: Metaichmio, 2006), 171-190 [in Greek

“The Foundational False Dilemma of Georg Lukács” in Planodion 39 (December 2005), 483-489 [in Greek]

“The Late Style of Edward Said” in Alif 25 (2005), 37-45 [Special issue]. Turkish translation (by Orhan Koçak) in Virgül, 89 November 2005. Reprinted as part of the volume: Edward Said and Critical Decolonization, Ferial Ghazoul, ed. (American University of Cairo Press, 2007)

“Transformation, not Transcendence” in boundary 2 30:2 (Spring 2004). Special Issue: Critical Secularism, Aamir Mufti, ed.

“DeLillo in Greece Eluding the Name” in Nation, Language, and the Ethics of Translation, Sandra Bermann and Michael Wood, eds. (Princeton University Press, 2004)

“The Lyric in Exile: Meditations on the Hollywood Songbook” Qui Parle 14(2), Fall 2004, 145-176 [Special Issue: Aural Aesthetics: Music, Aesthetics, Language]

“Music Drama and Spontaneous Composition: A Conversation with Heiner Goebbels” PAJ: A Journal in Performance and Art 78 (Fall 2004)

“The Concept of Diaspora in the Contemporary World” in Diaspora Entrepreneurial Networks, 16-20th Centuries, Ina Baghdiantz McCabe, Gelina Harlaftis, and Ioanna Pepelasis Minoglou, eds. (Oxford: Berg, 2004)

“Hypnosis and Critique (Film Music for the Balkans)” in Balkan as Metaphor: Between Globalization and Fragmentation, Dušan Bjeli? and Obrad Savi?, eds. (Cambridge: MIT Press, 2002).

“Communism and Poetry” in Gramma 8 (2000), 43-54

Poetry (in Greek):

Εισαγωγή στην Φυσική  (Athens: Melani, 2005)

Αυτοχθονίες  (Athens: Planodion, 1993)

Πτώσεις   (Athens: Plethron, 1989)

[in English]
Poems in A Century of Greek Poetry 1900-2000, Peter Bien, Peter Constantine, Edmund Keeley, Karen Van Dyck, eds. (New York: Cosmos Publishers, 2004).

Poems in Modern Poetry in Translation 13 (London, 1998) [Special Issue on Greek Poetry, David Ricks, ed.]


"Cavafy's Debt": The 11th Annual Dimitris & Irmgard Pallas Modern Greek Lecture (February 25, 2013), Modern Greek Program, Department of Classical Studies, University of Michigan.



Yiannis Patilis, Camel of Darkness (Selected Poems 1970-1990), [from Greek]. Quarterly Review of Literature Poetry Book Series (Volume 36), 1997. Excerpts reprinted in the publication of the 31st International Poetry Festival, Rotterdam: Netherlands, 2000.


Poems by Yiannis Patilis, and Argyris Chionis in A Century of Greek Poetry 1900-2000, Peter Bien, Peter Constantine, Edmund Keeley, Karen Van Dyck, eds. (New York: Cosmos Publishers, 2004).

Poems by Heiner Müller [into Greek, with introduction] in Poisis 15 (May 2000), 180-189

Poems by Yiannis Patilis and Argyris Chionis in Agenda 36 (3-4), 1999 [Special issue on Greek Poetry: New Voices, David Connolly, ed.]

Argyris Chionis, Esotic Landscapes (excerpts), Modern Poetry in Translation 13, (London,1998), 53-55 [Special Greek Poetry Issue, David Ricks, ed.]

Poems by Carolyn Forché [into Greek], I Lexi 58 (Oct. 1986) and Planodion 4 (Fall 1987) [The latter includes interview with the poet]

Reviews and Review Essays

A.G Schwarz, Tasos Sagris and the Void Network, We Are an Image of the Future. The Greek Revolts

 of December 2008 and Alexandros Kyriakopoulos and Efthymios Gourgouris Ανησυχία. Μια καταγραφή του αυθόρμητου τον Δεκέμβριο του 2008 in Journal of Modern Greek Studies 28:2 (October 2010), 366-371

Dimitris Papanikolaou, Singing Poets: Literature and Popular Music in France and Greece in Journal of Modern Greek Studies 27:2 (October 2009), 439-441

Entries on Alexandros Papadiamantis and Yiannis Ritsos in The Encyclopedia of Literary Translation Olive Classe, ed., (London: Fitzroy Dearborn, 2000), Vol. II, 1037-1038; 1173-1176

Dimitris Tziovas, To palimpsesto tis ellinikis afigisis [The Palimpsest of Hellenic Narrative] in Journal of Modern Greek Studies 15 (1), May 1997, 140-142.

Mimika Kranaki, Filellines [Philhellenes] in Planodion 21, December 1994, 591-595 [in Greek]

Takis Simotas, Loipos Oplitis [Partial Soldier] in Planodion 18, June 1993, 113-116. [in Greek]

Yiorgos Chouliaras, Fast Food Classics in Journal of Modern Greek Studies 11:1 (May 1993), 173-177 [Greek version published in Planodion 17, December 1992, 576-580]

Columbia University
Department of Classics
617 Hamilton Hall
New York, NY 10027



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Literary Theory (Philosophy, Psychoanalysis)

18th - 20th Century European Literature (including Greek)

Courses Taught in Modern Greek Studies

The World Responds to the Greeks

Greek Poets and Their Interlocutors

Literature and National Identity

Literature of Exile

Myth and History – the Modern Greek Novel

Greece and the Modern Imagination

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