Modern Greek Studies Association

Dr. Peter S. Allen

Professor Emeritus

Rhode Island College
Department of Anthropology


Ph. D. 1973 Brown University
A.M. 1968 Brown University
A.B. 1966 Middlebury College

Principal Publications

Papataxiarchis and Th. Paradelis,
eds. Athens: Ekdoseis Alexandreia, 1993: 135-155.

"Greek Anthropology Comes of Age".
Modern Greek Studies Yearbook 8 (1992): 446-459.

"La Gestion des Conflits dans le Magne: de la Feodalite à l'adjudication."
Droit et Cultures 20.4 (1990): 83-99.

"Female Inheritance, Housing and Urbanization in Greece."
Anthropology 10.1 (1986): 1-18.

"Positive Aspects of Greek Urbanization: the Case of Athens by 1980."
Ekistics 318/319 (May- Aug. 1986): 187-194.

"Apollo and Dionysos: Alcohol Use in Modern Greece."
East European Quarterly 18.4 (1984): 461-480.

44 Oriole Ave.
Providence, RI


401-575-9981 (cell)


Areas of Specialization

Mediterranean Europe
Cultural/Social Anthropology
Social/Cultural Change
Anthropological Film
Archaeological Film

Courses Taught in Modern Greek Studies

The Anthropology of Modern Greece

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