MGSA Survey of University Faculty and Administrators

Prof. Jose Antonio Costa Ideias

Modern Greek and Comparative Studies

(CEC - Centre for Classical Studies - Modern Greek Programme / FCSH-UNL).

Faculdade de Ciencias Sociais e Humanas (FCSH) / Universidade Nova de Lisboa (UNL)

CEC (Centre for Classical Studies –Researcher /Assistant -Professor - Modern Greek Studies)





I. Degrees

B.A. (Romance Philology - University of Lisbon, Portugal)

M. A. (Romance Philology – University of Lisbon, Portugal)

Post-graduate Studies in French and Comparative Literature (University of Lisbon, Portugal)

Ph.D. researcher (Modern Greek and Comparative Studies – FCSH –UNL, Portugal)



II. Areas of Specialization

Comparative Literary Studies / Comparative Cultural Studies.

Modern Greek Studies.

Translation Studies -Traductology .

Didactics of Foreign Languages and Cultures - Didactology (Portuguese, French, Modern Greek)


III. Courses Taught in Modern Greek Studies


Modern Greek I / II (Beginners): two (2) terms


Modern Greek III / IV (Elementary / Intermediate): two (2) terms


SEMINARS for advanced students:


Introduction to Modern Greek Literature (survey)

Introduction to Modern Greek History (survey)

Modern Greek Literature (Nikos Kazantzakis and Decadent Literature)

Modern Greek Literature: travel writing in Greece (18th to 20th centuries)

Literature in translation: translating Modern Greek Literature into Portuguese

Literary images of Modern Greece in Portuguese and French literatures (19th/20th centuries): a comparative approach.


IV. Principal Publications (Greek words are given in transliteration)

Various publications in the field of Modern Greek Studies (Modern Greek and Comparative Literature / Didactics of Modern Greek as a Foreign Language /Translations Studies) in Portugal and abroad (Greece, Spain, the Netherlands, Morocco).

Translations from the Greek into Portuguese:


Mixail Mitsakis

Nikos Kazantzakis

Andreas Staikos

Maira Papathanassopoulou

Petros Markaris

Dimitris Dimitriadis

Vassilis Aleksakis

V. Office Address

Universidade Nova de Lisboa (UNL)

Faculdade de Ciencias Sociais e Humanas (FCSH)

Dep. Estudos Portugueses

Grego Moderno /Modern Greek

Prof. Jose Antonio Costa Ideias

Av .Berna 26-C

1069-061 Lisboa



Electronic Address

            [email protected]


VI. Home Address

Prof. Jose Antonio Costa Ideias

R. Luís de Queiroz, 11, 3º  Esq.

2800-697 Almada



Home Telephone (F)=Fax

+ (351) 212761320

(F): + (351) 212761320

[email protected]

Celular/mobile phone : + (351) 962551085


VII. Comments and Additional Information

Co-founder / member of the "European Association of Modern Greek Studies"

(Athens, Greece)

Co-founder / member of the "Sociedad Hispanica de Estudios Neogriegos"

(SHEN) - Spain

Member of the "Modern Greek Studies Association" (MGSA) - USA

Translator - AET ("Atelier Europeen de la Traduction"/Orleans, France -

Literary Translation Modern Greek > Portuguese).

Member of the APT (Portuguese Translators Association)

Member of the EST (European Society for Translation Studies)

Member of the IATIS (International Association for Translation and Intercultural Studies)

Chair of the SIANK ("Societe Internationale des Amis de Nikos Kazantzaki") -

Portuguese Section / Member of the Coordinating Committee (SIANK)

Member of the APLC (Portuguese Comparative Literature Association) and of the

ICLA/AILC (International Comparative Literature Association/Association

Internationale de Litterature Comparee)

Literary agent (Greece > Portugal)

Consultant for Modern Greek (Language and Culture)

SLP/Institute of Culture, Lisbon, Portugal - Portuguese Language and Culture

for Foreigners / Modern Greek - Language and Culture - for Foreigners (Coordinator)

Adjunct-Professor (ISCE)


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