Modern Greek Studies Association

Gina Scarpete Walters

Ph.D. Candidate

Arizona State University
School of International Letters and Cultures


M.A. Translation Studies | Modern Greek, University of Bucharest, 2017
M.A. Advanced Studies in Linguistics, University of Bucharest, 2017
B.A. Modern Greek-Romanian Philology, University of Bucharest, 2014
B.A. English-Arabic Philology, Spiru Haret University, 2009

Principal Presentations and Publications

"The development of discourse markers from temporal adverbs: A case of pragmaticalization or grammaticalization?" The 21st International Conference of the Department of Linguistics. Workshop: Pragmatic Variation across Time and Space, University of Bucharest, Romania, November 19-20, 2021 [virtual]

"Tipare cu clasificatori calitativi în limba română. O perspectivă contrastivă între româna veche și româna actuală," The 21st International Conference of the Department of Linguistics: Current Trends in Theoretical and Applied Linguistics, University of Bucharest, Romania, November 19-20, 2021 [virtual]

"On the evolution of some temporal adverbs into discourse markers" The Western Conference on Linguistics (WECOL), California State University, Fresno, November 13-14, 2021 [virtual]

"On the metaphorical conceptualization of the Romanian DOR" C&C 2021: Interlingual and Intercultural Contacts and Contrasts – Approaches and Practices. International (Online) Conference organized by the Department of Language & Communication of the State University of Applied Sciences in Konin, Poland, October 18-20, 2021 [virtual]

Durham Hall
PO Box 870202
851 Cady Mall
Tempe, AZ 85281

602 710 6541

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Areas of Specialization

Language and Culture


Linguistics - Language Change and Historical Comparative

Linguistics - Qualitative Methods

Linguistics - Semantics

Literary Translation

Modern Greek


Courses taught in Modern Greek Studies

Modern Greek language courses (linguistics, translations).

Dissertation/Thesis working title and topic

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