Modern Greek Studies Association

Dr. Jill Dubisch

Regents’ Professor Emerita
Department of Anthropology
Northern Arizona University
Ph. D. 1972 University of Chicago
MA 1967 University of Chicago
BA 1965 Reed College

Principal Publications

2008 “Greek Votive Offerings in Everyday Life,” The Girard Collection of the Museum of International Folk Art, Santa Fe, edited by Doris Francis, University of New Mexico Press.

2004 "Se Diaforetiko Topo: O Anthropologos os Prokinitis." In Opsis tis Anthropoloyikis kai Erevnas stin Ellada, pp 221-224. Athens: Elliniki Etairia Ethnoloyias.

2000 To Qrhskeutiko Proskunhma sth Sugcronh Ellada. Ekdoseis Alexandreia. (Greek translation of In a Different Place)

1998 “Europe Through the Back Door: Doing Anthropology in Greece.” In Europe in the Anthropological Imagination. S. Parman, ed.

1995 In a Different Place: Pilgrimage, Gender and Politics at a Greek Island Shrine. Princeton University Press.

1994 "The Church of the Annunciation of Tinos and the Domestication of Institutional Space." Special section of The Yearbook of Modern Greek Studies: "Constructed Meanings: Local and Distant Influences on Greek Architecture," Eleftherios Pavlides and Susan Sutton, eds. Volume 10.

1993 "'Foreign Chickens' and Other Outsiders: Gender and Community in Greece American Ethnologist: 20:2:272-287.

1992 "Kinoniki Filo, Syngenia ke Thriskia: Anaplathondas tin Anthropoloyia tis Elladhas." In Tavtotites ke Filo sti Synghroni Elladha, eds. E. Papataxiarchis and Th. Papadellis. pp. 99-126. Athens: Ekdhosis Kanstanioti.

1991 "'Men's Time' and 'Women's Time': History, Myth and Ritual at a Modern Greek Shrine. Journal of Ritual Studies 5/1:1-26.

1991 "Gender, Kinship and Religion: 'Reconstructing' the Anthropology of Greece." In Gender and Kinship in Greece. Peter Loizos and Akis Papataxiarchis, Eds. Princeton University Press, pp. 29-46.

1990 “Pilgrimage and Folk Ritual at a Greek Holy Shrine.” In Religious Orthodoxy and Popular Faith in European Society. Ed. Ellen Badone. Princeton University Press.

1988 Commentary for issue on Anthropology of Greece. Modern Greek Studies.

1988 Golden Apples and Silver Ships: An Interpretive Approach to a Greek Holy Shrine. Modern Greek Studies. 6(1):117-134.

1986 "The Anthropologist in the Nation-State: Doing Fieldwork in Greece." Yearbook of Modern Greek Studies, vol. 2, Fall, pp. 307-313. (review essay).

1986 Gender and Power in Rural Greece. Princeton University Press. Edited volume. Introduction, pp. 3-41
Culture Enters Through the Kitchen: Women, Food and Social Boundaries in Rural Greece, pp. 195-214.

1983 "Greek Women: Sacred or Profane?" Journal of Modern Greek Studies. 1:1:185-202.

1980 The Context of Fatalistic Beliefs in a Greek Island Village. International Journal of Contemporary Sociology.

1977 "The City as Resource: Migration from a Greek Island Village." Urban Anthropology 6:1:65-83.

1976 The Ethnography of the Islands: Tinos. In Regional Variation in Modern Greece and Cyprus: Towards a Perspective on the Ethnography of Greece. eds. Muriel Dimen and Ernestine Friedl. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, vol. 268:314-327.

1976 "Changing Peasant Communities in Modern Greece and Cyprus." Peasant Studies V:2:8-15.

1974 The Domestic Power of Women in a Greek Island Village. Studies in European Society I:23-33.

Department of Anthropology
Box 15200
Northern Arizona University
Flagstaff, AZ 86011
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Religion and Ritual
Health and Healing

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Modern Greece
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