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20-25 May 2019 Messolonghi, Greece 

Theme: Byron and Revolution 

Keynote Speakers:
Professor Roderick Beaton, King's College London
Professor Andrew Stauffer, Virginia University USA 

The last act of Byron's life was to dedicate himself to the cause of the Greek Revolution, which began in 1821 and ended with the recognition of Greece as an independent state by the Great Powers in 1830. The circumstances of his death and later commemoration at Messolonghi have been much discussed ever since. But the whole of Byron's life and career took place in the shadow of revolutions: notably the three great revolutions that together have defined the modern world: the American (1776), the French (1789) and the Industrial Revolution that was rapidly transforming Britain and Europe throughout his lifetime. 

On a smaller scale, from 1817 onwards, revolutions or threats of revolution in different parts of Europe deeply affected Byron's personal life as well as his political thinking: the 'Peterloo massacre' in England, the 'constitutionalist' revolutions of Spain and the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies in 1820, revolutions in Piedmont and Greece in 1821, as well as the continuing anti-colonialist revolutions in South America. How did Byron respond to these transf ormative upheavals? In what ways can aspects of his life and work can be described as 'revolutionary'? Was Byron, fundamentally, by temperament, by conviction, or under the special circumstances of particular moments, a revolutionary? 

The conference will welcome 20-minute proposals for papers on topics including, but not necessarily limited to : 

Presenters at the conference will span all academic levels from undergraduates through graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and faculty members. 

Proposals should be sent by email to Professor Peter Graham [email protected] and Professor Roderick Beaton [email protected] with cc to Mrs. Rodanthi-Rosa Florou, President of the International Byron Research Center [email protected] by February 10, 2019. 

Further conference details will follow soon. 

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