Modern Greek Studies Association

Call for nominations, upcoming MGSA board elections

This is a call for MGSA members to nominate candidates for the MGSA’s next Executive Board, which will assume duties at the November 5, 2017 board meeting for a three-year term.

Current members should send their nomination(s) to the chair of the Nominations Committee, Artemis Leontis [email protected] no later than February 20, 2017. Please consider the candidate’s investment in the MGSA’s goals and initiatives and ability to work actively with others toward these ends.

For nomination of regular EB members, IV.7.g. states:

Any regular or student member may nominate a member of the Association for election to the Executive Board. If the chair of the Nominations Committee receives, not later than April 1, four or more letters nominating the same candidate, that candidate shall have equal standing with those nominated by the Nominations Committee.  [Because of time constraints this year, please send nominations before February 20]

For nomination of the graduate student representative on the EB, Resolution 1/10 states:

Any graduate student at a Doctoral Program in the United States or Canada, who is pursuing a Ph.D. in any aspect of Modern Greek Studies and who is a member of the Association in good standing can be nominated or self-nominated for the position of Graduate Student Representative to the Executive Board; such nomination shall be accompanied by a nominating statement and a letter from the student’s advisor stating the standing of the graduate student in the Program and the student’s project.

For complete details on the mandated procedures, refer to Article IV, 6-7 of the MGSA’s Constitution.

Members of the Nominations Committee are:

Artemis Leontis, University of Michigan (Chair)

Patricia Barbeito, Rhode Island School of Design

Roland Moore, Prevention Research Center, Oakland, California

Thank you very much for your role in this important process.

Gonda Van Steen, Executive Director

[email protected]